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hey im melinda im 18... thats the real me anyway.
I have so many personalities... i dont know how you all re-act to that... but thats how i am. sometimes i might call myself other names and sometimes the other ones do drugs... im confused about which one is actually me.............. sometimes we want to die... sometimes I want to die... so its all pretty confusing. sometimes things happen and i dont even know it. but someone tells me later and i tell them i never did that but they keep telling me i did... but nobody understands that i never meant it or it wasn't ME... it was someone else. Im sorry if im scattered but im pretty confused and i dont know what to do. I'm scared because of the way i am. its like theres a million different parts of me... in whole im pretty messed up because i do drugs sometimes im anorexic i cut and try to commit suicide... sometimes im someone nobody even knows and I don't know how to stop it... im sorry, I know im wasting your time... forget it.
hi, welcome to the forum.

i think that this site as a whole is very accepting.

feel free to PM me if you want to talk.

i am also frequently in the chat.
Hey Melinda!

I wanna welcome you to SF!

I hope you find some support here,, we will try our best you offer you that.

I can completely understand why your confused. It's understandable. Please know your not wasting our time at all!! we're hear to listening so please let us do that.

I hope your stay with us and i hope to see your post's around and maybe join us in chat :smile: We usually have a good laugh in there, people in there really cheer me up :smile: might help ya abit.

Take care of yourself

Vikki x
:welcome: to SF Melinda. Please know that you are not alone in what is going on. We are a very accepting group of individuals here and are truly supportive of what are going through. i hope you find comfort here. Take care. :hug:


I may be a little late but welcome, you will find a lot of nice helpfull and freindly people here.

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