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Hi. I've helped run another forum for a few years now. I've noticed there's not really a lot of acceptance out in the "internet" for places like these (this forum) and with nowhere to talk. So, I'd like to say hello...

Personally, I have never been too fond of my life... I can remember the days when I was still young. Sitting in the backseat of the car, just looking out the window. I felt nothing...unless you include "crap" as a feeling. I'm about 21 now, and still feeling like crap. Sometimes I wonder why I'm still alive...each day just feels worse. In addition to that, each day is filled with regret...regret that I haven't killed myself sooner.

So far, in college without much a future. I have yet to fail...but it feels like I'm about to. No point in killing myself now...my family would be left with my debt. Honestly, that's not the best way to go...but I still regret the fact that I didn't kill myself in high school.

I've never felt anything in my life. Happiness, fun, excitement, joy...love, sorry I don't know what those feel like. Those are just words to me...meaning less words.

So, in conclusion, I'd like to say hi.

My two cents...


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welcome to the forum, I'm also in a similar situation i regret not killing myself in high school, i still have a few months before uni starts after that i "can't" kill myself coz of loans for my education.....I really want to end it now but can't. I hope future will be better for us, till then i've many friends who help me:) like the cute girl who first replied to this thread...lol

I hope you make some great friends here.

take care....if you need me to talk please pm or add on msn.

[sorry for bad english :P ]


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Welcome to the forum!:smile: I have my moments when I do not like my life or who I am, but they are not as often or as awful as they used to be. Meds and counseling and my friends here have been a huge help to keep me away from the edge of 'the cliff'.:smile:

Again, welcome! I hope you find the relief here that I did.:smile:


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