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Um... yea, I'm new here, I'm Jennifer, but feel free to call me Jenn, found out about this site from a friend and plan to stick around with yall :)



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Welcome Jenn! I hope you can find friends and hope and support here as I did.:smile: We're here to listen to you and support you and reach out to you when you feel adrift. We're not professionals, but we're experienced listeners with a lot of compassion....not to mention 'humble'!:rolleyes:

welcome!!! (i'm kinda not suppose to be here.) but welcome :) :hug:
Eh :tongue: nice to see ya post again hun, take it easy tho, dont want you getting triggered :hug:

Anyway Welcome Jenn

Im glad you found us!

I love your screen name by the way. very prettyful!! :biggrin:

Hope to see you around.

If you ever need to talk feel free to PM me :smile:

Take care

Vikki x


Thanks for the warm welcomes! And for the person that said they liked my user name thanks :) I like it too, hehe, I'm upsessed with hearts ♥ :biggrin: But thanks.

♥ Jenn ♥
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