Hiding Inside - * Possible Trigger*

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  1. demuredawn

    demuredawn Well-Known Member

    This poem is as much about the feeling of the complete rejection of society to the suicidal person as it is about the person's inner conflicts while trying to be accepted...

    "Hiding Inside"

    There is a place inside my mind
    A place I go and hide
    And in this place I'm finally safe
    From all thats left behind

    Though it is no escape it is only truth
    It is my reality and it is what i am to you
    There is no place to hide
    When all my world is wrapped inside

    You say that all is not what it seems
    You say that fear is only in dreams
    Yet here I stand afraid to stay
    Afraid to take the pain away

    Because what is under may hurt me more
    And that I just could not endure
    So back I travel, inside my mind
    And here I'll stay and hide...

    You find me there but dare not enter
    I'm not sure what would be better
    If you stood there as you are
    Or if you cast me off somewhere afar

    All I know for sure
    There is one pain I cannot endure
    The fear of it is what locks me in here
    And this is where i'll be forever

    So many things I wanted to say
    So many times I thought I'd found a way
    So many dreams left undone
    Now I'm not sure who has finally won

    I look around til all is dark
    I gasp a small wounded breath
    And I reach into the empty air
    Life has brought me here

    I no longer see and now I can no longer feel
    I no longer breathe and no my heart no longer beats
    I am finally safe for I am finally free
    No need to hide inside my mind

    No need to travel down that lonely stretch of miles
    I have nowhere to run
    I have nowhere to hide
    I leave this world with nothing but my frozen smiles
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I hope one day this fear will not bound you to where you are but you let go of it the fear and reach out to the ones that care for you and that you trust in them to help you escape yourself really hugs
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