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high forehead teenager

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Hello everyone. I have SOOO many problems in my life, and one of them that bothers me a lot is my VERY high forehead. It looks really bad on me, beside all skin problems i have including those red things on face. Im 19 years old, and that looks really bad on me :S Never had any life anyways when i talk to girls i always thing ohh my hair isnt that good and im so shy and stupid beacuse of that.

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sounds like you have a low self esteem anxiety issues as well Can you talk to a councillor at your school who can help you deal with your anxiety and also help you build up your self esteem some. hugs to you:hugtackles::hugtackles:
Appearance affects most people, whether they want to admit it or not. :/ I'm horribly embarrassed about the dark circles around my eyes, for instance. I've had them my whole life and I doubt they're going to go away with a bit of sleep.

For your forehead, It can't honestly be that bad, and when people meet you, their first impression isn't going to be, wtf is going on with that dude's forehead? It's either going to be, wow, he's funny, wow, he's a jackass, wow, he's just completely awesome, or something else of the sort. Attractiveness is as much about how you present yourself as to how you look. You could be the hottest guy on the planet, but if you opened your mouth and the first thing I heard was a belch I'd be all, woah dude. Not going there.

Cheers. ^^ Hope I helped (in which I probably did not).


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Hey, thanks a lot for your anwsers. But the point is that im really ugly. I have a lot of those red things (really dont know how they are called) on my back, chest and some on my face. On face it looks KIDA ok, but back and chest is horrible. I cant go to sea beacuse i wear shirt all the time. Also what bothers me very much is that i have high forehead and rare hair. Now when school is over i have been at home for 2 weeks strait (havent gone out for a minute), and few days ago when i went out i had really strange feeling, like im even uglier or something. I just cant imagine living like that :S
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