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    How can people possibly predict the outcome of depression? ''It'll get better'' is based purely on hope. No medical tests or investigations can give answers like they can for a medical condition. Do people look at the statistics? Depression is one of, if not THE, most major cause of suicide. I was told in2004 that I'd do well on the medication. Why do people offer optimism? As for the helpful antidepressants. Well, how much scientific research has actually been done on these drugs? Am I the only one who doesn't like the idea of these psychotropic drugs altering chemicals in my brain? Nobody is certain what causes depression, or mental illness. So it's basically touch and go. Take the pills and hope for the best.
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    ...and keep adjusting them, keep trying to get it right, hang in there, and don't commit suicide.

    People aren't negative about it becaue the 'Placebo' affect. Sometimes, if you think something's going to work, it will work just because you think it will. If they told you that they thought you were probably screwed and the meds probably wouldn't ever make you feel any better, then how would you feel?
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    If a patient was dying of cancer, what would the doctor say? ''Oh, you're in remission''. No, he wouldn't.

    I'm not saying that depression can't 'go away', but in my experiences I feel like I've been given false hope.

    Three years ago I was told, ''Things will improve''. Guess what? I'm still waiting. I feel like I have to learn how to live life in a normal, acceptable, every day way. It's like the mental health equivalent of having a stroke.
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    Personally, i think the professionals overstate the case for anti-d's. Its as much about circumstances, environment, and family history as anything else. I think if your prone to depression you will have it for life, its a matter of keeping it under control I guess.

    Three years, thats a long long time to be stuck with depression, mind you ive experienced depression for the best part of 20 years...
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    Cancer is directly caused by cancerous cells and such, though. Doctors can trace it out and tell you exactly what is cancer and what is not. They can perform surgery to take it out. They won't telll you you're in remission, but they'll probably tell you that there's a large chance of you going into remission.

    Depression, on the other hand, is caused mainly by the mind. We can sometimes fix it with meds, by affecting the chemicals released by your brain, but since it's caused by you mind, the single thing that works best against it is your mind. It's true--if you really try at it, depression will go away. Weeks, months, years... the timeframe is irrelevant. Eventually, it is going to go away. That's just how it works; if you want to get better, eventually you will. And doctor's overstate the case you that you might speed the process up a bit.