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Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by Confusticated, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    Okay so this bit isn't triggering, but some of the replies could be. I'm having some really messed up dreams at the moment, and they're repeating, it's not just a one night thing. All that changes is that it feels more real every night to the point I'm being sick over how strongly I can still smell the blood after I've woken.

    This post isn't exactly about that, but more of a question to you guys. What's the worst dreams you've had? Now I don't expect a lot of replies, and I think there's a possibility this is against the rules, in which means delete it. I just want to see how my dreams compare so I can know I'm not completely screwed up.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Borrowed time*

    Borrowed time* Well-Known Member

    One of the first dream i remember was when i was a child, i dreamt me and my family were on a train going on holiday. I dont know how but i ended up outside of the train watching it go in circles on a track and my family wwere being run over by the train. It was very graphic and scared the hell out of me. I think i was 8 when i first had that dream, it never changed though so every time i had it it affected me a little less because i knew what was going to happen. Then i just felt awful because my family were dying and i didnt care. I just cant win.
    The latest dream was i was in a shopping centre with my two young nieces. We got on an escalator to go up but half way up it changed direction. I dont just mean it went backwards, it was like we were under the escalator so obviously we fell off. I fell free but my nieces got parts of there clothes trapped in the bottom step and got dragged into the escalator. Again it was very graphic, i woke up crying and i couldnt sleep for 2 days after that one. I kept thinking they really had died and it was my fault because i couldnt save them. Luckily i have only had this one once so far.
  3. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    I'm so, so sorry you've had to experience that.. but try to understand that it wasn't your fault at all, even in the dreams? You didn't do anything wrong in them. If you'd like to discuss them further, my pm box is open to you. Again, I'm very sorry :hug:
  4. Things

    Things Well-Known Member

    Hard to say, but this one nightmare gave me an intense phobia of planes.

    I dreamed that a plane crashed near my house and exploded. It was very graphic, I could the trees being blown back and burning to ash in the air. I was literally frozen in horror in the dream.

    It's been years since I've dreamed that and I still freeze up when I hear a plane.

    This other nightmare didn't cause me to have a phobia, but it made me cry when I woke up. To summarize, I dreamed that I was back in school and everyone learned that I was suicidal. Suffice to say, nobody was supportive.
  5. Worthless

    Worthless Well-Known Member

    I always dream about people dying. Massacres, me killing people, being killed, car accidents, suicides.. Its really quite disturbing.. And I go days without sleep due to fear of them.
  6. black_rose_99

    black_rose_99 Well-Known Member

    I've dreamed about eating a picnic with my family when all their skin fell off and it was just skulls eating sandwiches. I've dreamed about watching the rape and torture of a girl. I've dreamed about having to choose whether to eat a dead baby, or just drink the blood around.

    They kind of scare me a bit - what kind of subconscious comes up with this stuff?!
  7. SeperatedOne

    SeperatedOne Active Member

    I had a dream that I was being by my older brother was torturing me and my siblings were watching the whole thing showing no emotion. I would'nt say it was a one night thing as it is a reccuring dream.
    My older brother sexually abused me 2 years ago and no matter what I do, I can never block it out.
  8. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    i also have dreams of being raped as a child. i think they are more flashbacks, in dream form. i am 6 years old and am being forced to have sex. i always wake up screaming. medication is helping me with the nightmares.
  9. Stained

    Stained Member

    well i was at a hotel i was out of town for a bowling tournament i had a dream about my ex my " first love " i saw her there the previous day. in my dream she was so nice so loving it was everything i wanted in a relationship.... when i woke up i ran to the bathroom to throw up and didnt leave for about 45 min , it felt too real i guess the reality shock got to me
  10. Johnnyc

    Johnnyc Well-Known Member

    I have had one dream that is recurring and scares the hell out of me.
    There is no way to explain it cause it makes no sense and I am the only one in the dream, then a bunch of random things happen, makes no sense.

    Other than that one dream there is no other nightmare that scares me, I actually prefer them to calm dreams.
  11. Twinkle ☆ Twinkle

    Twinkle ☆ Twinkle Well-Known Member

    I've had some pretty messed up dreams. I'd say one of the most messed up ones was one where I murdered people and then I chopped up and threw in a school trash can one of the persons I killed.
  12. TheGift

    TheGift Active Member

    i HAD a recurring dream--more like a nightmare, as people might say, but define nightmare. anyway, that dream of mine goes like this: an event at night occurs in our house that always takes place in our dining room, which is upstairs and next to the bedrooms. somehow, my family aren't in the dream--in our house/event. the people who i see i am celebrating with for some event are either my friends or people i barely know. then all of a sudden, i feel this urge that someone is running after me. i don't know what *he* wants. i've seen his appearance, but it's a bit vague. he's dressed in all black, covering his whole self, except for his eyes, and those r the only things i see from him. so, ofc, i run away from him, going down the stairs, thinking of getting out of my house. there r no lights down stairs at all--all dark, and all i see is the light coming from the moon through the windows of the main door, which is very faint because of the windows being opaque. so, i get out and meet one of the people in celebration. she looked ok from behind but when she faced me... honestly, he looked like... the devil... imagine the guy fawkes mask with rly wrinkly dark green yellow complexion., but i felt so safe with her... i dnt know why... she even helped me from the one running after me. also, in one of the dreams i was able to leave the gate of our house but all i see is fog--thick white fog... i researched on this dream and it said that if you always feel that someone is runnign after u, u have a problem. but it ddnt explain abt the scarry looking person...
  13. ParodoxialShadow

    ParodoxialShadow Active Member

    My dreams at night are very rarely nightmares, and none of them tend to stick around long enough for me to remember. My dreams during the day, however, are far worse than most nightmares.

    During the day, when I'm bored, i tend to daydream. I have one major topic that i dream about, and that is only slightly directed by my thoughts. It is very close to regular dreaming. Anyways, some of these dreams are incredibly intense.

    I have dreamed of every violent act you could imagine, and it is always me committing the act. Torture, rape, murder, combinations of the three, and even torturing the minds of others all have made appearances in my dreams. They feel so real, and so it is easy for me to say that i have killed; that i have tortured; that i have broken men, women, families, and more.

    I dreamed of beating my teacher until she stopped moving, then beating the children of my class. I love that teacher.

    I have dreamed of defending my school from a takeover, where many men attack the school with guns and other weapons, and i kill them all.

    I have dreamed of raping people that happened to sit near me. There was no directed emotion, or thought, towards the actual person; it just happened to be easier to use their faces.

    Perhaps the most shocking, and disturbing, is the dream i had at an assembly in school. We were discussing the Columbine shooting, and I spent that time dreaming of staging my own version of it at my school. It was detailed, complete, and frighteningly within the real of my capabilities. Hundreds died, and in the most horrible ways, so that recognizing the bodies are difficult. I will not go too into detail, but the auditorium is sealed, napalm is hosed over everyone, and all of the students and teachers either burn to death, or asphyxiate. Then, after the getaway, the accomplices are also killed, so that there is no possibility of them ever talking about me.

    One day I spoke with Stephen hawking and discussed black holes; the day before, i went on a killing frenzy and made the top ten list for the FBI. Then I killed the agents hunting me.

    Why do I dream with such violence? I do not know. I am a nice guy, and deeply desire to help people.
  14. Growing Pains

    Growing Pains Well-Known Member

    There's two that come to mind for me.

    Er, the first I had several, several years ago when I was still in middle school. It must have made a large impression on me, though, because I can still vividly recall it even to this day. In it everything in my small town was on fire and I was alone. My mom had vanished, as had my siblings and my friends. I was trying to find a way out. I was panicked but everyone was looking at me as if I were crazy and as if nothing was even going on. A bunch of stuff happened during it... that I won't get into... but at the end, I ended up in a garden that was very peaceful. There was this guy (he was older than "middle school age" but in the dream, so was I) and I will never forget those eyes, they were a beautiful gray-blue. He offered to take me with him so we could be at "peace" forever and for some reason, I said no and then I was back in the fire again. It doesn't sound scary putting it in words, but it definitely had me shaken up when I woke up.

    The second one I can't recall as vividly. All I remember is that I was in a car and no one was driving it... and I remember being frightened.

    They probably sound pretty mild, actually, but nightmares that induce more psychological fear are more frightening to me than ones that involve physical pain... That said, most of my dreams (that I can recall, the ones I can't remember... I can't speak for) are nightmares. I often dream of falling... I think that's my most common one.
  15. barto

    barto Well-Known Member

    I have two reoccurring nightmares.
    The first is me getting possessed my a demon. I can recall nearly every gorey detail of myself slaughtering everybody I care about.
    The second is an even more vivid nightmare of flashing back to my friend's death...
  16. the_unknown

    the_unknown Banned Member

    I had pretty weird dreams but the ones I won't forget is:
    1. when a snake talked to me and introduced himself as "the enemy"
    2. a big dragon like chicken in my dream. Its so big i can only see its legs but I know its a red and not your ordinary chicken
    3. This one really scared me and makes me think twice about sleeping: My mom was carrying a bible-themed book and she ran upstairs and told me that she can't take the evil downstairs (i think she was an excorcising or something) anymore and as soon as I ran to her I felt being crippled by an invisible force while my mother ran away. I can't breathe and I fell to the ground and as all dreams go I can't scream. I woke up (and apparently woke my roommate up also) screaming MAAAAA!
  17. the masked depressant

    the masked depressant Well-Known Member

    as far as the plains go, i've had a really bad helusination about that (maybe 1 day i'll post a thread about it)

    but my worst dream?

    i'm really not sure.... i don't actually dream that often- i have so many problems as far as sleep goes.

    but if i think of anything...
  18. BrinkOfExistence

    BrinkOfExistence Well-Known Member

    The worst dream i've had isn't graphic or anything like that, it was the fear i felt during it and to be honest describing it isn't really that scary, i was out side my girlfriend's house talking to someone from school, it was night time and i could hear a voice whipser "get in the house, get in the house now" so feeling a little scared i did, so i ran to the front opened it and as i turned round there was this man stood right in front of me, he looked like one of those executioners from the olden days you know the guys who beheaded people, but he had no eye holes on his mask and there was a huge dog standing by the gate, i panicked and shut the door but as i tried to lock it my fingers became numb and i started fumbling, i couldn't lock the door then he pushed it open i fell back and he peeped his head around the door, i was hyperventilating and absolutly terrified at this point then he grabbed me. I woke up and i found myself laying on my back on the bed with my arms and legs up in the air and all bent (like emily from the film 'exorcism of emily rose') anyway i tried to scream for help and nothing was coming out then i could feel myself being dragged off the bed as i fell off i woke up again but this time it was real i was grabbing hold of my girlfriend as if i were falling and screaming like a banshee, i've never felt fear like i did that night. i've had graphic dreams before but they never really affected me.
  19. Megz

    Megz Active Member

    I have what I know are 'Dark' dreams though I can never remember them there are recurring themes and feelings.

    * I am trying to get away from someone or something or am in a life threatening situation and get away by the skin of my teeth, and it really terrifies me to the point where I'm sobbing (in the dream but in real life too) but everyone around me can't understand why I'm so upset because I've just escaped and should be euphoric........

    * In the dream I am terrified, I can't remember of what or who but I try and scream, or shout for help and I can't - when I wake I can feel the strain I have put my throat under it actually aches.

    * I have other dreams where I do actually scream - my daughter and friends who I've stayed with have told me I do, the screaming was so bad one night I stayed at my parents that my dad and brother appeared in the room I was using brandishing weapons as they thought I was being attacked! What gets me about these dreams though in comparison to the ones where I want to scream and can't is that in these I can hear myself screaming but in the dream it's not me screaming - it's someone else and I know they are important to me but I can't find them no matter how hard I try.
  20. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    Oh boy.. I pretty much dream every night and almost always remember what the dream was about. A lot of time they're nightmares and oftentimes dreams that I've had before that keep coming back. It's weird.. cause in my dreams I'm very conscious. I know I'm dreaming, I know I've had the dream before and I remember how it ends, so I either go through the motions or try to change what happens. Sometimes I'm being chased by someone or something bad is happening and I just think, "It's okay.. I'm only dreaming". When I was younger my dreams used to be pretty bad, and I'd tell myself to wake up, only to wake up within a dream, and I'd know I was dreaming and try again, only to wake up thinking I was awake but actually still dreaming again, and on and on and on.

    Most of my bad dreams are either about natural disasters (tornados being the most common) or fantasy stuff like zombie infections breaking out all over the world, dinosaurs running riot, etc. Sometimes my deceased cats visit my dreams, alive and well..

    One of the worst dreams I've ever had was when I was younger. Around 9 or 10 years old, and it always came back, almost every night. It was just of me, really small in the bottom left corner of my vision with a large mouth taking up most of the view and the mouth was just screaming. It was just that, constantly, and I felt so weird.. scared, frightened, confused.. it was a really weird dream, not because of what was in it, but how it made me feel.
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