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Hii all

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Hii all,

I’ve felt drawn to this forum for quite a bit. Not sure why. Maybe I get the right help here eventually. Or it offers me something.

I have read the rules carefully and expect that I can keep them. If I don’t, please tell me. I don’t think I can get it all right at once.

I have problems with thoughts. Suicidal thoughts. They keep bugging me. I tried to do a course from the local helpline. Couldn’t even finish it. I tried reaching out for help. But people don’t really help. They just don’t really pay attention.

I let go of the feelings behind it multiple times. That gave some relieve. But they kept coming back.

let’s say (let’s try my best to not overstep the rules here) that I made steps into the wrong direction. But I, even though it seems hopeless, also tried to work on the issue.

I feel like harming myself. My environment accepts that.

not sure how to get the most out this forum. Having some problems getting down to the main issue.

anyway, I am grateful for having this learning opportunity. Hope you’re all surviving.

much kindness


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Hi @CollidesWithMe , welcome to SF. Thank you for reading the rules, that is always very appreciated, and I hope your experience on SF will be very helpful to you. I'm glad you made the first step to write to us here. If you want, you can also tell us a bit more about what makes you feel so much pain... We are here to listen without judging, to care if you allow us to, and to offer advice if you wish. Lots of people relate to similar thoughts, feelings and/or experiences, and they may offer different perspectives. You're never alone here. *hug

I don't know if that's something you'd like, but you can also say hi in our chat rooms. Lots of wonderful people come there to chat about anything, to support each other, and to make friends in a peaceful and non-judgmental environment. Everyone is welcome. :)
Welcome to SF.

I tried to do a course from the local helpline. Couldn’t even finish it
Do you want to say why?
Having some problems getting down to the main issue.
It may take some time before you're ready to talk about that. That's ok.

You could try talking to someone via PM about this, or maybe try talking to a therapist if post on the forums is too hard.

You might also want to try writing it in a diary/journal, and maybe read it a few times.


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Hi @CollidesWithMe , welcome to the sf family. I have been having overwhelming suicidal urges for a couple of months now. Being able to say how I really feel in thus safe forum has been really supportive for me. It can take time to write openly here, afterall you dont know us yet so wont necessarily feel safe or comfortable. But you have made a great start and I really do hope that you come back and share a bit more about why you feel suicidal. You may find there are people here who can understand what you are going through.
We will listen very carefully to you and care deeply for you. Everyone here is very compassionate.
I'm thinking of you

Thanks all... it may indeed take a little while. Normally I open up pretty quickly. But maybe this is the past now.

I couldn’t finish the course because I blocked. Maybe it was too early or not the right moment. The discipline it required was too high.

much kindness and thanks all
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