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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by cherryblossomcat, Jun 6, 2015.

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    Hi , this is prashanthi. I almost decided n planned to <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods> today. main reason being the lonliness. I dnt hav any friends n my family lives in a different country very far from me. ive been feelin this lonliness for more than a year now. a friend tried to help me but at the end I developed emotional attachment for him but he treated me like friends wid benefits...no strings attached kind of thing. I decided last nite to stop communiting with him becoz I could clearly see that this is nt goin to go anywhere. im very emotional and sensitive person. and I hav no hope that I wil be able to get over this pain even in years time. this is gona kill me forever. every moment spent with him is hard to forget and it is impossible for me to get over this feeling and find a new life. I have been a bad relationship before and I suffered alot when I was in that relationship. now this is my second bad experience. I dnt think I can restart my life once again. and I still feel that I shuld commit suicide. I dnt know if il end up attemptin today !!!
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    Welcome to the forum I am so sorry that to here you are suffering. Keeping yourself in isolation is not good. You have to stay strong as life is important. Everyday, relationships break down but it takes time to get over them. At the moment as you far away from family, they are mist thing in your life. Your family would not like to see you suffering in any manner. Is there any chance of going to stay with family for a couple of weeks.

    You must resist the temptation of any self-harm, as the only people who understand are the ones who suffer like you but hide it with a happy mask. Remember it's easy to open up to strangers on this forum. You have to be strong as you long suffer alone. We are here for you and you must continue to post as the next next week is important. Be strong and never fear life. You are struggling at the moment but we can see you get through this tough period.
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    Welcome to the site.
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    Welcome to SF =)
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