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I watch him, looming over ther bed, smiling, grinning. Knowing what I am going to give him.
I love him.
He touches me, and its red hot pain on my skin, his hand moves lower. a tear slides down my cheek, a tear he cannot, or will not see.
His hand, unbottons my clothes. My head is screaming. I try to push him away but hes too strong.
His hands, they are firm and hard and cold. but they push into me and its agony, my sobs of pain are screams of pleasure.
My veins are full to bursting as he kissing my face and neck, his salty sweaty lips smothering my face.
He pushes further still, burning and searing into my flesh, tearing me from the outside in.
It hurts so much I clamp my hand over my mouth to stop myself from crying out. But he pulls it away and replaces it again with his mouth. licking my mouth and making me gag.

He finally gets off me. The weight of him is released form ym chest and I can finally breathe.
I dont tell him, but he knows.
Hes taken the last flicker of love from my eyes.
Im lost to him.


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:( I really want to send you lots of big {{{hugs}}}

And tell you i'm here for you, whenever you want to talk xx


katy i no wat u have been thro ive been here from the start nd i will alwayz be here 4 u no matter wat he can neva tutch u again nd i wont let him i promise u its ok huni im always here 4 u no matter how hard u fall i will catch u


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reading things like that makes me want to go and kill every guy on earth...
...i'd start with me, but that would be rather counter-productive.

so, instead i will just express my sadness that this happened to you...that i wish this had ne'er happened to you, to anybody else...that i wish it would never happen to anybody...

i want to hold you and tell you it would all be okay, but reading this, that's probably the last thing you'd want.

i just...i'm sorry you had to go through that...


- Henry


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Firstly I want to say I am here for you if you want to chat. PM me if you want. You are so strong to live with that we all are. I cannot say that I know what you have been through or how you are deeling coz each story is different but I have been in a similar position.

I so badly want to stop people who sexually abuse other people and it upsets me that I cant. Are you still in contact with this person. If so can you stop the contact. Sweety go to the police it is the only way of stoping all this. It doesnt matter what threats he has said they are not true. He is a coward and once one person stands up to him other people might. You never know he might stop and then you have achieved something. You have ssaid to him that you can not be beaten and destroyed and that you will not be used anymore.

Always here.

take care


your words spoke deeply to me and im honestly crying now.
My heart goes out to you and i send all my love to you.

You cant let him take everything hunny, now is the time to fight back and reclaim your life.
im here for you

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