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    Do you know what its like to be compared to the one person you truely hate?! Hate with all your might. Hate with every ounce of your being. With every single cell in your body. The one person i'd watch the life drain from their body and have a smile on my face because he deserves all he gets.

    How can you think im capable of that?! None of you know me in the slightest do you? I mean seriously what is it you want. I know im not good enough for her. I know you'd rather have him in her life rather than me. Infact any man would be better than me right? no matter how they treated her.

    Am i that awful? am i that unbearable that you'd believe that i'd harm her?! I fucking try to stop her self harming!! i fucking swore to you that i would keep her safe! i would never go back on my word! how could you even THINK that i'd lay a hand on her.

    If only you knew what i think about that. If only you knew what it was like. If only you fucking knew!!

    I am so fucking upset about it. She doesn't get why but sitting here thinking about it is bringing me to tears. I've had the same fuckign headache for god knows how many days running. I'm sick of it. Sick of being made to feel like shit. Maybe it's just proving what a useless fucking piece of space i am.

    I haven't ranted in a while. I won't take up anymore space.
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    :hug: :hug: Viks, find me if you need to talk. I'm around :cheekkiss
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    i could cry for bringing up that subject.

    i didnt think. im so so sorry.

    as for the not being good enough for me, we both know that aint true babes xxxx
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    :hug: Vikz, I'm around if you need to talk, dude.