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If I'd only known all those years ago how stressful and unappreciated a job parenting was I'd have never started it.:mad: I can't do anything right according to my kids... and I'm the only one in the house who picks up after herself, does any chores, cares for the pets, takes offspring to and from destinations, pays all the bills, provides a safe environment, and does everything for everyone with no thanks from anyone.

A horrible end to a not-too-bad day, thanks to my bratty little teenage monsters.:mad: I'm sick to death of having to tell the little shits that they have certain chores to do, not that they ever do chores or any other kind of work unless it's for their own immediate benefit.

I"m sick of the job of motherhood - I abdicate my rust-plated throne. Let someone else do all the work and get all the shit - I"m finished.:mad:

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Oh, least, When i read this I thought it could have very well been posted by me. you have summed up exactly the way i feel at the end of every day. It seems like instead of getting easier or better, it continues to always get worse.
Wish i could be there to give you a great big hug, and help in the areas you need help with. Despite what your lovely children think, you are a great person. I could never take what you do for granted. I am thinking of you hun. especially at the times I have to argue with my own kids. I can think "this is what least feels and hears, too. I am not alone in the world of teenaged ungreatfulness". Take care hun. :hug: :rose:


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Oh boy, wasn't this morning a treat - NOT. I woke up with them screaming at each other while getting ready for the school bus, then they both scream at me and demand that I take them to school NOW so they won't be late. Seems the problem was that the youngest won't wear her jeans more than once without washing and the pair she was trying to put on this am was too small and she literally could not button them up. I took them to school, but before we left I called the attendance office and left a message that Z. couldn't get her pants buttoned and might be late... Well, I was sorry for that one the second the words left my mouth, cause if the kids who work in the attendance office hear that and repeat it all over school, as mean kids are wont to do, she'll be made fun of for my stupid statement. I called back a bit later and asked - again on the machine - that the kids not repeat what I said in the first message. I hope she doesn't catch any flak due to my lapse of judgement. I know how high school kids are and they can be pretty mean.

I feel like such a shit, even tho they were driving me nuts and being demanding and rude, I still don't want to be the cause of Z. getting made fun of.

I have to work two jobs today and need the money desperately, so can't stay home and cry all day. Days like this I wish for that semi truck to cross the center line, but that's not the answer either. I just desperately wish I were someone else - someone successful and pretty, not old and ugly and a failure.

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Stop right there Least, one more crack at yourself and I'll steal money, hijack plane and fly over to you to give you a shake.

Damn it hun, cut yourself some slack. Teenagers can be the curse of the universe (remember what I was like and hang head in shame :sad: ) but they do come out of it.

Like you, for a long time I was the only parent and it sucks!!! :mad:
You have to be all things to your kids and let's be honest, it's a failure before it even starts. All you can do (and I know you do) is do your best. What you need is a bloody big cuddle and some TLC. Can't do it in person so these fecking emos will have to do :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
But I wish I was there cos you'd come into a nice cup of tea, dinner and a big hug!!!
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