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    The old man asked

    what fly line are you using?

    Another day he approached

    what make is that rod?

    The next time, what fly

    are you catching on?

    Here I said take this fly,

    his face lit up at the

    thought of all

    the trout he'd catch,

    as I handed him a fly.

    How did it go?

    I asked when I next saw him.

    OK he replied, but I didn't catch

    as many as you do.

    Early one morning he approached

    and looked directly into my eyes.

    You have the look of a murderer today

    and then smiling, those trout better hide!

    The following season he declared

    I now know why you catch

    so many trout!

    You must have been a trout

    in a previous life!

    That's the only explanation.

    You know where they are

    at what depth they swim

    what they are feeding on

    you old trout he said, smiling.

    During the next season

    he lamented that he'd

    made nine visits without a catch.

    That his wife was suffering

    from lack of trout.

    Later that day as I handed him

    two big trout

    He said, unsmiling,

    I think I'd better go to church...

    On the first day of the next season

    Huw declared that he was 98 years old

    and looking forward to his century.

    I was unsmiling at his boast.

    Later that season I heard

    that Huw had been found dead

    in his favourite fishing spot.
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