Hissing Sister

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  1. Lace-Me-Up-x

    Lace-Me-Up-x Member

    The empty spray can rolls away
    The echo spinning round
    Curved metal on the wooden floor,
    I sink toward the ground
    Feel my body plunge into
    The heat of total numb
    My tongue is liquefied and dripping
    Past my melting gums

    New stretched across the ceilings
    Vast and ever seeing eye
    I see the music's colours as they're
    Pulsing in the sky
    I cannot move, my body's seeping
    Through the floorboard cracks
    Just watch the shadows swell,
    Slow-spreading deeper kinder blacks

    I taste your kiss my hissing sister,
    Warming through my skull
    I breathe you in and let you win
    To drench my pain with dull
  2. Petal

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    i enjoyed that :)
Thread Status:
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