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  1. LeaveMeAlone

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    I've been really good this week, I've saved lives and everything!!
  2. Edicius si Evol

    Edicius si Evol Well-Known Member

    Yes, me too.

    I think it's not justified at all that I am under moderation.

    I am new and didn't know that what I did was not allouwed and I haven't been warned at all that i would be put under moderation.
    And...what I did was imo right..i am a human being with feelings and I went into the proper channel for such things.

    so yeah, i wanna chat again and be able to send PM and so on again !
  3. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    aww Matthew :hug: hehe
  4. Malcontent

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    The first link on the forum is to the rules and guidelines which you are asked to read before you post or enter the chat, and they clearly state that what you did is not allowed (I wont publically say what it was as I don't want to embarrass you). There's nothing wrong with what you did in general, just it's not allowed on this site because of the age of some of the members and the sensitive pasts of a lot of them. This site is a support forum. If you wish to do that again, by all means get people's msn and do it off site. You were warned at least twice by me about your behaviour, and I'm guessing more times by other staff.

    And just to clear things up, the adult room is for discussions not suitable for underage members. Not somewhere where the rules of the site do not apply and people can do whatever they please.

    Sorry for hijacking your thread Matthew.
  5. Edicius si Evol

    Edicius si Evol Well-Known Member

    Oh well..plz send me a pm then or something showing where it says doing what i did is not allouwed.
    I was looking through the rules and found nothing saying that.

    Ah yay...and because of this there is the "Adult channel"...so...everyone who is underage shouldn't enter this channel because it clearly says "adult" and everyone with brain can think what such a channel is about so everyone who thinks stuff like that is triggering or offending or whatever shouldn't enter this channel either.
    So huh ?

    This is simply not true. You said two times to me "stop it!" but i didn't even know what this was referring to.
    After asking you what this would be referring to you didn't even answer me.
    And you didn't say i'd be put under moderation if i go on with one word.
    Besides that, nobody else warned me.
  6. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    You clearly state that you did not see this in the rules or guidelines so i decided to go reread the rules myself as i have not since they were updated. And low and behold 5 lines down there is this

    • There is to be no cybering (cybering is like phone sex but over the internet), it is not appropriate and is not welcome here. If we catch an adult grooming a minor we will report the adult to the authorities.

    If you can't find it here is the link to the rules...scroll down five lines adn you will see it


    Also, admins. can see conversations after the fact or before the fact so if something was done that was considered inappropriate than they can go review it. So as for you saying nothing bad was done, they have the power to go and reread the conversation adn decide that for themselves
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  7. Edicius si Evol

    Edicius si Evol Well-Known Member

    I did not do that. If you think that what I did was cybering then you obv haven't rly cybered yet.
  8. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    what you did is classed as cybering, i saw the chat log, you can call it what you want but you were sharing sexually explicit messages, therefore what we class as cybering
  9. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    okay I'm sorry but that's not nice. I understand certain people have been hurt by what happened and I understand people might be angry about it, but 'cybering' is not always about "trying to get people to like you by shoving your hands down your pants". Some people (including me) like to do cybering every now and then, just for the fun of it. Nothing "wrong" with cybering. It is against the rules here though and I respect that, but you can't go around saying cybering is wrong anytime and that it shows of a lack of self respect, because that's not true.

    Just my 2 cents
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  10. bunny

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    ok well this post has gone off topic long enough, any further posts not replying to LMA will be deleted
  11. Matthew, I apologize in advance for using your thread for this purpose. I do think your actions of helping people have been very noble of you, and I thank you for that. I'm going out here, stating what my opinion is about this, and I mean no disrespect to the staff here.

    I think it is wrong for Edicius to have been put under moderation. From what I know about this situation, she did far less "wrong" than a particular other member in mind, whom I won't say who that is on here. This particular member did stuff in the main lobby on chat, disregarded several warnings by a chat monitor, went on posting similar activity on the forums, and was given several warnings before being put under moderation. I think it is unfair for Edicius to have been put under moderation based from one incident occuring where at least, she respected this site's rules and guidelines enough to go into the appropriate channel. To the member I mentioned, no offense to you either. I'm not trying to criticize you for what happened, I'm showing that I believe that Edicius was not given a fair amount of warning, and was too quickly put under moderation.
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  12. ~Nobody~

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    Bunny, I know this is off topic in itself. Sorry. But hopefully it won't be in a minute.

    Couldn't you just split the thread at the point it went off on a tangent? People obviously have some strong feelings about this.
  13. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    theres no way to split a thread, i had told edicius to make a thread in troubleshooting well before this thread was even started if she had a problem

    any other problems you can post in troubleshooting or PM me
  14. Edicius si Evol

    Edicius si Evol Well-Known Member

    huh ?

    When ?

    where ?

    I don't know from that.
  15. LeaveMeAlone

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    Bunny you Duplicate the thread, rename one, and then delete the appropriate posts from each.

    Bit long winded I know.
  16. Malcontent

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    Check your email.

    Now can we all get back to the point of this thread which is supporting Matthew? Thank you.
  17. Sa Palomera

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    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

    only, 984,390,000,005 to go :wink: nah just joking, Matthew :cheekkiss