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History Repeating...

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I'm really scared that my Mum is going down the same road she has before. I'm supposed to be a witness at the wedding in a few months, and everything inside me is telling me that I can't do it. I can't condone it.

It might just be my trust issues, but I don't want to let my Mum get hurt all over again. What can I do to keep her safe??


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You can't force someone to change their desired course. If anything, by insistently trying to do so, they will feel attacked. Then they'll put up a barrier, and your heartfelt concern will be shut out.

Arrange a time with your Mum somewhere quiet, and explain to her that you love her and are therefore concerned for her because "x & y". No need for a shouting match. Finish it off by saying that whatever happens, you'll be there for her. As things progress, keep a watchful eye on how things are going for your Mum. It's tough, but there's nothing more you can do. All the best
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