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  1. Sparky55313

    Sparky55313 Well-Known Member

    Ok. I was just triggered and all seems lost.
    One jerk had to say how we are just fighting for oil in the North sea.
    Our daily heating of our homes and our driving habits depend a great deal of oil form the mid east. We offer protection of Isreal And Arabia to continue how we live today. Our presence there keeps the peace for now....and our heating of our homes and our driving habits.
    I was drafted into Viet Nam just after this "war" had ended.
    I spent two years there..while homeland thought I was very safe. I spent those two years in mud & water. My feet never dried. Every night it was kill or be killed.
    We were told its was just a mop up prescence. I spent the days as the rest of us did. Not feeling anything at all.
    It was very comon for some of us to die during the nightly raids. But the feelings became just so very common....don't think about it. Drugs were distributed by officers! Just to get the moral high enough to facing death again!..o.r worse...to commit killing.
    How I wish I could teach history on its accountability!
    How I wish I had been born just a few years later!
    How I wish I never lived those years.
    ..But I did.
    Today I just wish for peace amongst everybody.
  2. Vangelis

    Vangelis Well-Known Member

    Don't let one person's comments get to you. They may or may never walk in your shoes, but I'm sure they respect you for what you went through. Because of what America did for Vietnam, you gave Vietnamese people hope. If it wasn't for the American involvement, I wouldn't be here in America today.
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Try not to let one person bring you down. :hug: All isn't lost. What you went through over there, and everything you fought for, matters and is important.
  4. Sparky55313

    Sparky55313 Well-Known Member

    iI still today, think I had a very important thing to do there and am proud of it.
  5. Sparky55313

    Sparky55313 Well-Known Member

    Know what I would do today in the same situation?
    Hand out popsicles.....lol
  6. Sparky55313

    Sparky55313 Well-Known Member

    today I am just lost...again.
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