Hit rock bottom, now digging...

Is anyone else dealing with both mental health issues and also physical health problems plus grief?

There are plenty of sites for one particular issue but difficult to find one where a person can be experiencing several at once. I tried posting on a site specifically for the physical health problem (MS) but they didn't understand the effects it has on mental health as well, yet the link between the two is well known. Also finding the relentlessly upbeat posts on that forum hard to handle, great if you are able to stay positive and see your problems as a challenge to be overcome rather than a handicap... but what if you can't? What if you are so mired in depression that it's affecting your outlook on everything?

I lost my Mum 3 months ago, had to give up work due to health problems, am in constant pain.... and yes I know there are many people worse off than I, but somehow that doesn't help!
I'm so low at the moment I don't want to get up and face another day.


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Hi there, I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom and to hear of your health issues.

I suffer from mental health issues and physical health issues, nothing like MS but still quite debilitating and the pain is sometimes unbearable. I think I can relate to part of how you must be feeling.

Fight this head on, what sort of support system do you have in place? Are family members helpful?

When you have felt this way in the past how did you get through it?

Keep talking to us, we want to help you feel better in yourself and want you to want to get out of bed in the morning and face the world with a smile, a genuine one :)


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physical health issues and chronic pain are definately related to depression. everyone that suffers from constant pain and health issues suffers depression, it's unavoidable. I suffer chronic pain/health issues but my depression is better, but it will never go away completely as long as I suffer, so I get it I understand what you're going through. and your issues are valid it doesn't matter whos pain is worse, pain is pain. feel free to message me anytime that you want to talk. mike *hug
Thank you @Petal and @1964dodge for your replies. Sorry you can relate to both physical and mental health issues too.

I have no other family apart from my husband and one friend whom I keep in regular contact with, but both H and friend have their own health problems. I try not to bother them when I'm feeling too low, it doesn't seem fair to dump on someone else who has problems of their own somehow.

However a week ago I did reach the point of taking steps to end my life and it was only due to having an appointment with someone from the MH team that day that I didn't act upon it.


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where your h and friend both suffer from thier own issues maybe you could support each other. you won't be dumping anything you'll be helping each other. mike *hug


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I'm so sorry for your loss. It's understandable why you are struggling. Grief. MS. Change in employment status. A certain degree of isolation. It's a lot. It's a whole lot.

Many of us here deal with physical problems along with MH issues. (My MH stems from all kinds of hormonal imbalance that just doesn't seem to be responding as well or as quickly as I want/need to meds). There are other physical issues as well. I mention it b/c I relate to each thing being treated separately. I'm not sure of any way around it, tbh.

Not the life we expected, is it?

Unfortunately, MS is pretty common. Idk if you reside in an area that has support groups for MS. Gaining strength and not feeling so alone in this would be helpful, I imagine.

Have you considered finding a group in your area?

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