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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by death_come_near_me, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Anyone else here who hits himself/herself?
    I used to cut myself for many years but my husband doesn't like the scars and other people see it too of course.
    Bruises are much easier to explain. I bumped into this, I bumped into that...
  2. Cute_Angel_Xx

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    Hey, hurting yourself with only cause your emotions to mix up more, is there a main subject to why you do it on purpose?
    You sttarted annother thread under Suicide Forum, I'm wondering do you get help with you feeling like couselling orr therapy?
  3. Hey perfect angel,

    Don't worry about it.
    I've been hurting myself for 10 years.
    I cannot explain why I do it.
    It feels the right thing to do, because I hate myself.
    It has been this way for ages.
    I used to go to a psychiatrist and several psychologists,
    but you know... it's hard for them to listen, to understand.
    They always say you're insane and should take pills.
    I've done it all but it doesn't help.
    I kind of made peace with the fact that I"m helpless
  4. Arthur

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    Keep posting, stay amongst us, we'll support you anyway we can.
  5. Cute_Angel_Xx

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    Hey DCNM,

    Seems like you have been through an awful lot but just need someone to listen to you who is willing to help you, there are lodes of people on heree who will listen to you, includeing me.

    I know it hard to stop hurting yourself, I do it. But you need to keep your self distracted and busy so that you don't harm yourself, I would hate to see you getting hurt. Have you tried a elastic band around your arm and fflicking it, it is alot safer and will still cause hurt.

    Many people self harm beecause they have alot going on in their life and it seems like you do to. But don't forget you have all of us on SF supporting you :hug: x
  6. I tried the elastic band for a while, but I don't know... I didn't like it!
    It didn't help for me.
    It's just hard to talk about your feelings with the people around you.
    They are worried. (and ofcourse they are)
    I know I have all these loving people close to me.
    The problem is that I can't love myself. I've tried.
    I just feel like a burden. I feel guilty that I have all these feelings. It's not that I want someone to save me, to heal me.
    I think I'm beyond that and I'm just gathering enough pills at the moment.
    It's not that I'm suicidal right now, it's just a permanent state I'm in.
    And I'm sorry for feeling this way.
  7. Cute_Angel_Xx

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    Your a newbie, trry talking to us instead I know it can be hard talking about it with people around you but thats why sites like this were made.

    Have you tried calling a support hotline? They may be ablee to help you more have tou checked out TheSite.org that has alot of infomation on about Self Harm Feeling suicidal and many more topics, I'll try and see if I can find a article for you :hug: x
  8. Arthur

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    If you're in Belgium you can call the free number 106 or chat on www.tele-onthaal.be

    They don't have all the answers to your problem but they listen and give advice and change your thoughts around.
  9. Snakemad

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    I have done this too. I get upset quite a lot, sometimes so bad I dont know how to contain it- I feel I HAVE to hurt myself because there's noone to help me and im there on my own and I am going crazy. I think of killing myself but i cant and dont want to in my heart, but why have hope? I cant find logical reasons and I feel like attacking myself. People will just see me as an attention seeker in my house if i talk too much about myself, and i can never string a sentence together right anyway if i try let it out to my mum or anything. there comes a point when they just start banging on about how you should or have to do this or that about it and i cant so i avoid the lecture. Basically then i am left with it all raging away. I have cut and burned myself leaving gross scars which i hate, i dont want my arms ruined so if i ever feel better i wont be able to wear nice clothes and i dont want people noticing and going urgh whats that?! Or even if theyre sympathetic its embarrassing, so i want the pain, the outlet and the mark just not one that lasts, so yeah loads of times i have punched a wall or something more painful like the edge of a shelf, and the other day there was an empty wine bottle on the table made of very thick glass and i hit my arm with that. it hurt a lot, but surprisingly didnt leave much of a bruise. This feels better than cutting/burning but even so sometimes i still think its not really hurting yourself, and a proper wound would be better but have to refrain. its not good for your future
    Are u on fb? :cool:
  10. deferred dream

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    I used to hit myself. I started doing it when I was probably 6 or 7 years old; I lived in a highly dysfunctional, extremely neglectful home and I blamed myself for all the horrible things happening, so it only made sense to my young brain to punish myself physically. That stuck with my through my whole life and I still occasionally end up bruising myself. It's a horribly hard habit to break. For me, it was so much more sensible than cutting because it's easy to cover a bruise up with a lie (I ran into something, etc blah) You're not alone in that type of self harm. I'm here any time you need to talk.
  11. cathyr

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    I used to hit myself when I was in my early twenties. That was over 20 years ago but now and then I still get the urges. It was easier to explain the bruises on my arm rather than cuts. It usually happened when I was stressed and overwhelmed and had no outlet for the feelings. Yesterday I ended up wailing myself in the head because I could not find the sewing basket and I needed to sew my jeans. Then I ended up bawling because I could not thread the needle. I have NO idea why I did it, or where this rage came from.

    I know that it's hard to deal with and for some it can be a lifetime struggle. Have you tried diversion...as soon as you start to feel that urge make yourself take a walk, play with a pet, read something, get on the computer and talk to someone on a self injury forum? I know sometimes it just overtakes you.

    Just some suggestions. Try not to get too down on yourself if you slip up...it happens.

  12. Avarice

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    I hit myself when I feel that I've been stupid. When I told my best friend I had feelings for him a few days ago, I couldn't stop hitting myself as I was waiting for him to text back. I hit myself a lot when I get drunk too (I no longer drink), because it doesn't hurt and helps me get it out of my system. Sometimes I dig my nails into my flesh, sometimes I hit my head repeatedly with my hands or slap myself really hard, it varies. I don't really see a problem with it though, as someone said before, it's more sensible than cutting and it helps get the frustration out. That's just my opinion though; it helps me more than it hurts me.
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