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Hiya, I'm not looking for a diagnosis or anything just opinions.

Well I still haven't been to the doctors and well. I feel sad when I wake up and throughout the day, I forget things a lot and my sleeping pattern's weird.I have lost interest in most things from the past. I don't like going outside, very insecure about myself. Just horrible living this life really, so sad.

Would you say this is depression or somewhat near it?
It sounds very much like depression and that is my first guess but it could also be a manifestation of anxiety. Have you had any major losses or changes in your life recently? If so, this may be temporary, and you just need to find the cause and address it head on.


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It does sound like depression. It could be temporary if it was brought on my an event job loss or whatever. I would say talk to your doctor to see if you really are.


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No losses in my life, felt like this for erm 2years maybe 3 - lost track of it to be honest.Also changes, no I haven't..everything's the same.
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