Discussion in 'After Effects' started by ASkylitDrive, May 20, 2010.

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  1. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    So, last night...I jumped off my roof...landed in a tree...I was in the hospital for a little while to get bandaged up and stuff. I'm home..but..idk..I feel too weak. Scared to even do anything.
    But i'm okay..if anyone is wondering.
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you are ok...did you get some help for your depression while in the hospital?
    you know you could've ended up paralysed for life....thank heavens you didn't...
  3. absolution

    absolution Forum Buddy

    I LOVE YOU SHELBSTER... you are amazing... never forget what you just did for serious :hug:
  4. Domo

    Domo Well-Known Member

    I don't have the energy to say anything else but, i'm thinking of you.
  5. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    IV- I told them I fell
    Sam- Thanks
    bec- Sweetie...whats wrong?
  6. Domo

    Domo Well-Known Member

    I'm ok Shelbi, just focus on yourself for now.

    Perhaps this is a good opportunity to let them know what really happened.
  7. nobodyandeverybody

    nobodyandeverybody Active Member

    :hugtackles: Shelbi
  8. Hdhsjsjsz

    Hdhsjsjsz Well-Known Member


    im glad your ok ..
  9. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    did they not wonder why you were on the roof??
  10. F_Immunized_7

    F_Immunized_7 Active Member

    Please dont try it again. !!
  11. mulberrypie

    mulberrypie Well-Known Member

    im so glad youre okay! :hugtackles:
  12. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys
    IV- I told them I was sitting up there to think, and it was too dark and when I got up and took a step I tumbled.
  13. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I can't believe how lucky you are not to have some horrific injury.....*HUgs*
  14. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    Heh..I guess so. I don't see how I could have gotten horrific injuries..I just have alot of gashes and stuff.
  15. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    my ex partner fell off a roof and broke both his arms ...he had pins and things sticking out of him for months and couldn't eat or go to the toilet, dress himself, etc. and I had to look after him like he was a baby....he was lucky to be alive....(or so I thought at the
    so yeah hun please don't go up on the roof again..!!!
  16. CloudCatching

    CloudCatching Well-Known Member

    :\ I'm not sure what to say other than I'm glad you're okay...
  17. spiritxfade

    spiritxfade Well-Known Member

    :hug: Shelbi, I'm really glad you're okay. Please don't try it again.
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