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hmm how to change it?

Sa Palomera

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how can I change my lifestyle into a healthier one? I can't seem to manage to change it.

IF I have breakfast it's almost always grilled bread with cheese and ham, but mostly I get up and start straight at dinner (because I tend to stay in bed until like 5/6pm), which mostly is something microwave-ish, fried or a quick meal from the fridge. Sometimes my friend and I do cook a meal, but it's almost always some quick food.

Then during the evening in front of the tv I have loads of snacks, but even that has decreased. In fact come to think of it. lately I almost never eat anything more than dinner. Not even snacks :dry: :unsure:

and as for drinking. usually some fruit juice or some soda, but I don't drink much either.

I guess the only positive change that's been made lately is that my Alcohol consumption has decreased.

How do I get out of this, obviously extremely unhealthy, pattern?


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Hiya hun

I think the main thing that you need to try and get sorted out is a reasonable bedtime and wake up time. Once you can get that into a regular and constant time, then the rest will fall somewhat into place hun.

Your body wont work properly if you dont get the sleep your body needs hun. Once you can work that then you can try sorting the food situation out.

YOu wont be able to do it all at once hun, it will take time too.

Hope it goes well for you
I was gonna write a long reply to this sayign exactly what you need to do but theres no point. But basically you need to have a stable sleep routine, once that starts then your eating habbits will fall back into place. Just try eat more healthy.

Remember when you woke up early that time and i was on the phone to ya for a long time you said 'Vikki, i feel great .... this is how everyday should be'
You said that be because you was refreshed, got a good nights sleep because you slept at the right time.


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I think you have to look at one small thing, like drinking more water or excercising 5-10 min, accomplish that and move on...I cannot wrap my mind around things when I look at everything I have to do, so I make small, realistic goals, attain those and start from a base of suceeding...just my thoughts and good luck

Sa Palomera

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okay so today was a good day regarding this, well okay foodwise it was absolutely NOT, but...

I went for a little recreational ride on my bicycle (does that count as exercise? :rolleyes: )
and I was in bed fast asleep about .... are you sitting? Don't faint!.... 10pm!! :ohmy: :ohmy:
(we'll forget for a second that I'm already wide awake now, and it's not even 3am... :dry: )

AND, I've already been 2/3 weeks without any cigarettes and so far it's not difficult for me at all!
Defiantly. Ya know i think the bike riding could do ya some good. Set a time to go out on your bike maybe for a few hours.

Will tire you out so you sleep. Give ya some exercise and maybe work yaself up a appetite :tongue: and ya got some great scenery round your way. Something i would DEFIANTLY do if in your shoes :smile:


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change little by little. people laugh, when they hear some people go to fast food restaurant and won't drink soda for diet. but great changes are accumulation of small changes. change one thing a day and you will make big changes in time. remember growth and decay is exponential. chance favors the prepared. life is like a heavy flywheel. it's like no results at first. but the work comes back twofold with the momentum that you've gained. every big job is just an accumalation of single tasks.


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great to hear your making progress :smile:

i know its not an ideal solution, but coudlnt you get rid of all the unhealthy foods and stuff... so you have no option to eat healthy...

like i got rid of all the soda from my frige and now its full of bottled water..

also, you said that you and your friend sometimes cook a meal, couldnt you enlist their help... so you both cook healthier meals and both go exercising to gether... its always better when you have someone to support you...

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