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    Feeling shitty.. alone.. Tired of being confused all the time of my gender, who I am, whats going on with me.. All I can do is wait to see people.. But here I sit still thinking about everything.. getting upset.. feeling like puking the past 3 days.. No energy.. my back hurts and is killing me. Fighting the desire to make myself sleep for an extended, irregular period of time..

    Knowing I have at least 1 person who needs me irl helps.. But even so I wish this turbulence would cease.. This sickness every day is taking a big toll.. I've already gained at least 15lbs in 2 months.. I'm crying every day (I think my hormones have shifted) and hate it, This overwhelm of confusion and dizziness all day, feeling as though I will puke, feeling as if I am in some virtual reality, waking up every 2 hours when I sleep, getting confused just playing a board game of Sorry with a friend, headaches and pains, shaking and attacks, messed up hunger and thirst patters.. and random emotions poping up out of no-where like bursts of anger for no reason.

    This wasn't like this a year ago.. I think its mostly hormone related.. And just experiences within the past year.. I don't know..I just know I'm tired of feeling so sick every day..