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  1. TheAngelOfMusicalDeath

    TheAngelOfMusicalDeath Active Member

    Ok, now i am sure a few people on here know who I am, and what I do. I post to a lot of the threads on here, and have even made a few unoffical friends on here But i gotta ask, Who would miss me?

    Like to be honest, i can only think of like.. 5 people in my real life that would miss me, and my little brother is the only family member that would..

    You know, i am not sure if its just me, but i feel worse and worse every day, and it makes me wonder if going on is worth it? Whenever i try to talk about itl, be it on a Forum or to my friends, everything always changed, and the forum turns into a Flame war, and my friends assult me with THEIR problems... So i dunno what to do anymore.. Any advice?

    Yours sadly
    Worse then ever before
  2. Lady E

    Lady E Well-Known Member

    I am new to this forum and no I don't know you but I would like to get to know you. Looking over some of your posts you seem like a very kind and caring person.:yes:
    It doesn't matter the quanity of people who would miss you if you died it is how much the people who love you would miss you. I'm sure your brother would be absolutely devastated as well as people who you didn't even think would.
    Maybe you should try and find friends who are more considerate of you and when you just need to talk about something.
    It sounds like you are going through a really tough night.
    If you ever need to talk just send a pm my way
    :cheekkiss: Im not super good at advice but I am a listener!
  3. Suicidal_Dragon

    Suicidal_Dragon Active Member

    AngelOfMusicalDeath. Hi,
    I have to agree with Lady E. Your little brother would be devistated with the loss of you. And I am very sure a lot of the people you dont even think would miss you would.
    I am known to be a real good listener. And on occasion I give good advice.
    If you want to talk, I will be sure not to put in any of my problems. K? :smile:
  4. TheAngelOfMusicalDeath

    TheAngelOfMusicalDeath Active Member

    Ehhh. Its more that, No one even WANTS to listen.. My parents don't get it and I don't see a Shrink anymore.. My GF doesn't understand either, she mainly makes things worse... Soo idunno. Everyone says Karma will bring great rewards, but with ALL i have done for people, it doesn't seem to be that way.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.