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    Some people seem to think that everything happens to them, the first thought that comes to my mind is shut up ... please?

    Everyone gets different shit thrown at them, day in and day out. I got crap, you got crap and guess what .... - everyone - gets their fair of shit from the rich to poor, no matter who or where you are it will happen.

    Some more so than others I agree but we all get it so stop making out that you get it all and no one else does. Just plain bloody ... arrogance, ignorance or stupdity. Take your pick.

    For the record this wasn't directed at one person but from some stupid comments I've seen. :smile:

    Have a nice day now.
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  2. Scum

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    I totally agree with that.

    Hope you are ok.
  3. One who listens..

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    I agree as well.

    It really peeves me off when people start using their problems in a perverted game of one-up-manship. Like it is a fight for attention. Soemone starts to talk about their problems, and they get drowned out by people suddenly going, "Yeah, I got a 'inset comment here'", and in the rush, the first person is inevitably ignored.

    And on more than one count, I have found out someone is actually LYING and making up things about their lives, and their problems, for the sole purpose of attention. Now, I've always tried the best to keep a good opinion of people, but the kind of person that would come on a forum like this, and CLAIM to have problems they really don't just pisses me off. Like, red hot anger. If they were in front of me and did that, I would be hard-pressed not to floor them. Who the hell would purposely stress people with problems that don't even exist?

    I guess my rant is partially related to the OP >.> I wanted to get that out.

    (And note- This isn't directed at anyone.)
  4. gentlelady

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    I agree Saoirse. Everyone has things that happen to them in their lives. It seems as though some people do have a more full plate of issues to deal with, but that does not mean they are any more difficult to handle than someone elses.The way we deal with things varies from one person to the next. What is very significant to me may not be to you. It is not a competition by any means. Each individual should be respected for the way they feel. They should not be overlooked because someone feels their issues are more important.