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  1. Pumpkinsculpter

    Pumpkinsculpter New Member

    So uh.. been having some issues for a few weeks. Well, in reality more like 6 years, but especially the last few weeks.. i went on the link that's about people who survived and i saw a person wishing that they didn't fail.. A person replied basically saying it's now their chance for a new beginning.

    Something relatively similar happened to me as it did to that person. I took a bunch of pills <mod edit amt>, and the next thing i knew i was in the hospital with family around me. You know, i honestly thought just what the replier thought - maybe it's time for a new beginning. I'm officially worse than i've ever been and i've only been finding reasons why i should leave this so called "life" (though i call it a reason to leave). I've honestly got no reason to stay. I know the people around me would be better off without me, as much as they have tried to drill it in my head (since i attempted) that it'd only hurt them, it's ironic when just being around me puts them in a worse mood. I'd say in the long wrong it'd only be better if i left and like i said i have no reason to stay. I suppose i'm not looking for any answers because in probability i'm the only one who can answer my questions, but i just keep losing reasons to stay and gaining reasons to leave.
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  2. allofme

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    hi and welcome
    things can be so complicated..i dont think you "leaving" will make anyone happy or better off... i am sure you are right that being around you upsets them.. BUT it is more likely that they are upset with themselves as well because they cant "fix" it for you.. as a parent nothing is more frustrating than not being able to "fix" any and everything that puts my daughter in harms way.. or even makes her sad.. i love her with all my heart but that does not mean we always get along.. or that she or i always feel loved... as humans we all make mistakes.. please believe them when they say they love you.. as for thinking of a reason to stay... maybe there is not one today... BUT that does not mean there wont be one tomorrow... the only catch is that you have to be around to find it.. hugs
  3. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Welcome to the site :) Sorry to had to find us under these circumstances but I hope you find some support and a little compassion to keep you going when things get rough. Allofme had some wonderful things to say and I don't really have anything to add or improve upon, just wanted to let you know that if you need a friend on the forum just drop me a pm :) :hug:
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