1. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    I'm just giving a bit of a rant here, well not really a rant, but a question maybe?

    I found a guy that I love, at school, and we have been dating since end of June.
    He is younger than me, so of course there is a maturity gap but its not that big
    We all have the same friends and we get along, but there is something off about him.
    He likes to point out my flaws, maybe bully me slightly? It does make me feel like shit because Im still slowly recovering from a lot of things (yes I am better).
    We get into fights occasionally, and just a couple days ago he was making fun of how i look to the point where our friend was about to jump him.

    I tried breaking up with him once before, but we ended up staying together.

    Then I have a long distance friend. I tried dating this guy in the past, but he cheated on me with someone who lived closer. We were still friends passed that point for two more years, and Im starting to get attached to him again. He'll start saying things about breaking up with her and moving here to texas to be with me (he wants to go into the military too). I mean he is so much nicer and respects me more than the guy here, but of course I stay faithful and keep reminding him he has a girlfriend too.

    I just, Idk. Im not exactly sure what to do. Im like at a fork in a road, so to speak. I tried going to a friend of mine, and he tells me both guys are no good and I need them out of my life, but I'm getting attached.
    So in anyone's opinion, what should I do?
  2. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    I'd say to drop the current one like he's hot, but I know this is easier said than done. No one should put you down, ever, especially not if they supposedly care about you.

    Dunno about the other fellow. Don't let him move there to be with you, though, since you have reservations.
  3. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    Could be the first guy isn't aware that what he's doing is effecting you in this way. We're all brought up differently and it may just be that he finds that kind of talk acceptable, so before calling anything off I'd say you should at least try to talk to him about it. You've nothing to lose by doing this if you were only going to dump him for it anyway.

    Second guy most certainly does not respect you, not if he cheated on you whilst you were dating, with a girl closer by. Sounds to me like he's just looking to play about with people by filling your head with fantasies of him moving closer and leaving his girlfriend which in the end, probably won't come true. The most that'll come from it is he'll tell you he's left her but he hasn't and he just plays you both like a fiddle from there on out. My ex-boyfriend was the exact same way with me and all his other girlfriends, so please don't fall for it. If he's willing to cheat on you once before AND now say such things to you against his current girlfriend (leaving her, moving closer, etc) then what does that tell you about the way he treats women?

    To summarize, both these guys don't sound at all perfect, but my advice is to at least talk to guy one and see what the deal is and to stay far far away from any kind of romantic relationship with guy two. He's an ex for a reason.
  4. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    I did try to talk to guy one, and he ended up complaining to my friends about how bitchy I am and didn't talk to me for days.
  5. Lost.

    Lost. Well-Known Member

    If he cheated on you before, there's always the possibility that he will break your heart again.

    He could just be putting on the charm to win you back over. We depressives tend to gullibly open up our hearts too fast.

    As for the present chap, dude's clearly an immature cock. Don't reward his asshole behavior by sticking with him.