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  1. seronic

    seronic Member

    I've suffered with severe depression and other things since I was 12, I'm 20 now, and it gets WORSE (And I do try and make it better,... don't think I just sit at home cutting myself and crying all like "WAAAAAAAAAAAH").

    Nothing Ever helps. I've tried ALOT of different things, and cutting eases it, but that's it. Just brings the pain back. I haven't cut now in about 8 months, because it no longer brings me release. I guess I grew accustomed to it? I would pretty much have to drive the knife trough my wrist to feel some sort of release... And I don't want to die --- Yet. But let me tell you, that feeling never goes away. I have the knife, stare at wrist and just decide not to ram it into it.. but one day I'll crack and do it =/.

    I guess I'm hanging on to that whole "Something is right around the corner" "Something good will happen soon".

    But it won't =[. I know it, but I don't know, I just hold on.

    Only my like 2nd post here, last one was like a year ago... *Shrugs*

    Sorry I haven't stayed in touch =/

  2. Dragon

    Dragon Staff Alumni

    Welcome back Angelus :)

    Congrats on being 'clean' for so long. Don't let temptation drive you back to self injury! You must be a strong person to quit and I am confident you can continue to abstain.

    Drop me a PM if you'd like someone to talk to.

    Take care

    ( Sorry about the flowery language... I'm writing poetry and it sends me a little funny. )
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