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    I'm in a relationship right now that seems to be complicated, both of us have been in bad relationships beffore. I really care about her and I know she cares about me. But somehtimes we do something to eachother that causes us to dought one another thus causes conflict and unessesary arguements. We are both afraid, I keep it to myself and she let's me know right away, sometime going over board about it seems like she's Trying to make me feel realy bad about it. Even though it made her think of a past relationship, that I'm going to do the same thing to her. Both of us both being bi polor brought us together, but is making it hard. We started hanging out as friends. She seen me threw my last episode which was the worst I've ever had combined, and she sat by my side. We read eachother well, and know when the other is down.we finish eachothers sentances or say the same thing at the same time, My other feelings on this relationship is she dosnt want her parents to know she's in a lesbian relationship, thus feeling like it may not go any further than her visiting me at my house every once and a while or meeting for dinner and movie. we are in our 30's but I feel like it's a sneaky teenage relationship. I don't know how to feel, I'm getting attached but yet scared. My walls are coming down and I can't help it.
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    Am I just setting myself up for heartache?
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    It'll hurt either way, you know?
    Being in love hurts alot - breaking up hurts; it depends on what you want to do though...
    Stick together and support eachother or split up and protect yourselves.

    No matter what though, you will both have to work on yourselves, your conditions and healing from your past heartaches.
    It's not going to suddenly get easier either way.