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  1. Savsta

    Savsta Active Member

    I feel a little guilty about just asking for your support , but this last week i have felt so very down , to the point that i have thought about plans to end it. no plans are in place but if it continues they will be

    i guess i just wanna sleep peacefully for eternity, sleep is the only time Im truly happy , i sleep 13 hours a day , the rest of the time i just think about suicide

    i cant thank this forum or its members enough for all the support it gives , and i hope i can stick around to maybe repay that support oneday.

    if not thank you , and goodnight :robin:
  2. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    Dang, Tom, man, tough times. :C :hug: Hugs to my buddy soccer player! ~ Alex
  3. lostbutnotfound

    lostbutnotfound Well-Known Member

    Hey Tom :)

    Firstly, you do need to apologize at all for asking for support.. we are all here to help one another, and you have just as much right to some help than anyone else

    I can understand how sleep provides respite for you, gives a break from the world and your thoughts, and I also hear how much of a struggle life is for you right now. I'm sorry that you feel this way.. is there anyone you can talk to about this? Either a family member/friend or a doctor? Have you tried any medication? It doesn't work for everyone but it may help you just lift the depressive fog for a while so you can try and feel a bit better.

    I hope you start feeling better soon
  4. Isabel

    Isabel Staff Alumni

    Hello Savsta :),

    I hope this post find you in a better mood. Looking forward to see you in chat. So indeed, stick around!
  5. thelast

    thelast Active Member

    do you ever feel dissapointed when you wake?
    sleep seems like the only escape, but what happens when you have bad dreams?
  6. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi have every right to ask for support, and I am glad we are here to give it...many people use sleep as a there anything you can do that will also give you some respite from how you are feeling (that is safe and good for you) so that you can be awake and more willing to do so? Just my thinking, and can you send some :robin: my way, because I am exhausted..Yin/Yang??? And please stay...J
  7. Savsta

    Savsta Active Member

    thank you alex :hug:

    thank you for your kind words :hug: , i dont really want to talk to my mum , i have dissapointed her enough with all this before, she thinks im past it , thats how much i hide away from her.
    its a little complicated going to the doctor at the moment as i am currently fighting for my driving licence , i love cars , they are my passion and not driving is like torture to me , not because i cant get around as easily but because driving to me is something i really love to do , and it was my job, i was a bus driver. so for something that will help me a great deal in the near future , i really dont want to stop that from happening by alerting any authorities.
    As for medication i am on metrazipene (excuse the spelling) and it did numb the feelings for a while , but they have come back.

    again thank you :hug:

    yes very much so , i never dream (or just dont remember them ever) , i havnt for as long as i remember. some say thats lucky , some say its unlucky.

    thank you , i definatly do use it as a defence , i do try and find things to do to distract me , it usually just ends up with me playing xbox for hours on end I spent 9 hours straight tonight , not a healthy thing to do , but i completely forget about the outside world when im concentrating on a game.
    If i could i would happily give you some sleep , im sorry to hear you are exhausted. i hope you get some :robin: soon :hug:

    thank you all for your support :hug:
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