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    I just got back from spending the last 4 days with my girlfriend (as many of you know I don't get to see her often since we live about 3 hours apart) and those 4 days have made it even more obvious.... This is in fact the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with and I am planning on proposing this year. I plan on doing a full on planned proposal probably this summer. Now only thing is I have no idea what her ring size is.... Any ideas on how I can discreetly find this out? She isn't one for a lot of jewelry so I can't exactly just look at one of her rings. This is something I've thought about the last couple months but never fully decided but this past weekend just made me decide to just go for it.
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    ask one of her friends to find out for you?

    failing that, give it your best guess. and then add a size or two onto it. it's a lot easier to shrink a ring down to size than it is to make it bigger.

    good luck.
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    how about taking her with you to a store to look at rings for you then get her to try some on herself just for fun? then quietly ask the clerk what size fit

    otherwise figure our your ring size then compare the widest part of your ring finger to the widest part of hers and guess from there

    i would also see what the store policy is on exchanges or re-sizing a ring