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    I can't do this anymore. I just can't. I'm sitting here this evening trying to force myself to do know, other than just sitting around doing sod all, and it's as if the more I try, the more my mind just blocks it out and thinks "eh, what's the point?" I actually WANT to do something fun like draw or play a game or write, but it's like my mind's so full of apathy it won't allow me to. It's like trying to start a broken down car. All my motivation and energy has just been sucked right out of me. I've become a robot.
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    I'ts possible that you are experiencing what I believe is called "apathetic self-loathing" or "inactive self-loathing"...I've gone through this myself.

    Your apathy causes you to become depressed and as you get down on yourself you are more likely to become increasingly inactive, perpetuating the condition.

    You really have to force yourself to do something, anything to break the cycle. If you're not on any anti-depressants you should look into it with a therapist or m.d. If you are, you should talk to the pdoc or m.d. about it.