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Hmmmm yeah...i know this is like my 3rd rant in the last few days, but im kinda in shock :blink:

I went to the doctors at 8:30 this morning (bloody early! :dry:) and i was honest with him about how the last weeks iv been feeling worse and suicidal and about my self harming by burning and he said he wanted me to get a psychiatric assessement today :blink: hmmmm yeah that kinda shocked me because i didn't think i was 'that' bad. I had an appointment on friday with a psychiatric anyway but know im getting ASSESSED either today or some time in the next few days :blink:

I'm glad the doctors trying everything to help me but WOW i didn't see that comming, and i've just got back from seeing my doctor again and he said they might wanna ADMIT ME :ohmy: :unsure: i'm not sure what to make of that.

So know i dunno what to tell my mum because she thought i was going to get some more anti depressants and know i've just had to tell her they might wanna admit me :unsure: and she doesn't know why because she doesn't know about the self harming or how i've been feeling suicidal, urgh dunno what to do.

Anywaaaaaaaay sorry for taking up some more space just wanted to write that down


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Viks if they think you need a break in hospital take it.
Know that must be making you scared out of your skin, but at least it gives them time to get your meds right.

If you do have to go, you don't have to go into detail with your mum just say thats what the doctor thinks is for the best, no need to mention all of it..thats between you and your doc.

Given how hard a time you've had of it lately, a time in hospital might be for the best.

I know it might be for the best, but i just really don't want it to come to that.

Im getting the psychiatric assessment tomorrow morning at 11:30am so i gotta wait and see what they say about what i should do :sad:
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