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Kaos General

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When someone asks a question why do people bother posting i dont know? No one cares that you dont know, people only care if you do know when someone is asking a question. Go take your dont know wrap it in a big ball of arse and post something relevant on failbook.

In case your wondering and to clear up any confusion before it starts im annoyed


Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense
Sometimes people just want to acknowledge they've read the original post and have empathy (even if no "answers") to the OP's situation.

For some OPs, not getting any response adds to their pain.


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I think Acy's right. It depends on the question, but sometimes just replying, even if you don't know the answer, will at least let the OP know someone took the time to read the post.


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Well I've kind of just said that in a post :hiding:

It's because I dont have any concrete answer, but I do actually understand where the poster is coming from.
I have no magic wand, but I can listen and hopefully listening will ease their burden :unsure:


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Sometimes people ask a question, and in some manner they feel alone or at the very least are seeking the answer. By responding you're acknowledging that you on some level see and understand the question that's been asked, and perhaps are curious yourself. It's people connecting to the subject matter/person, whether they know the answer or not.
Two people curious sometimes provokes more thought about a topic than if one person is asking it.

With all respect, some people do like knowing or atleast having the comfort from other people when a question has been given. Though I do understand where you are coming from. Sometimes when a query comes about, the last thing you give a toss about is someone saying "idk". It's totally irrelevant and boarderlines the definition of a person jumping into someone elses topic or curiosity. Parasitic or whatever. In all fairness it depends on the situation, sometimes it's a good thing.

hope you're feeling less pissed off by it in anycase.

I will say the reasons behind someones desire to connect to a subject/person are.. all over the place. Dont think there is really an answer

black orchid

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Can't speak for Wayne but I was referring to places like troubleshooting rather than on the main forum.
I can see the point where just knowing someone is listening helps.


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Lol there've been times I'll post it in Troubleshooting, just to bump up a thread in case someone else sees it and might have the answer.
I do see your point. But in a way I still like to reply and say something just to acknowledge that the thread has been read. I think the hardest thing is when someone makes a post, anywhere, and it gets no replies. I know if it was me, I'd rather know someone took the time to look and just doesn't know the answer, than to get nothing.


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Sometimes, I do not have an immediate answer...or I must consult someone, to assure that my answer is correct...this is especially true with technical information as I am extremely challanged in this area..I do find the 'I don't knows" with no intent other than to use server space annoying because I have to sort through them to find information...I also find ppl pretending to 'know' providing false information (without some caviat that it is his/her experiences), especially in regards to medical/clincial information, dangerous (e.g don't take this medication because ____, or don't go to pdocs, therapists, etc. because ________). Sorry if the last sentence was slightly off topic, but it is one of my mini-rants of the week.

Kaos General

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I just dont see the point, mind you i dont see the point in their being a hole in my wall but their is anyway.

I have a new obsession for my rage anyway, the hardcore heaven awards, the biggest load of insufferable tripe i have ever seen in my life. In case people dont know what im talking about (which i suspect is everyone not on my facebook) its a yearly awards that are supposed to recognise talent in the Hardcore scene (music-not porn). Well funnily enough hardcore heaven have decided they shall decide who goes into what category based on how well they think the ravers know each artist, tunes and albums. According to hardcore heaven one of the breakthrough dj's is someone who has been around for the past 20 years, joey riot now plays hard dance, hardcore, hardcore techno, freeform etc. and contribution to hardcore might as well goto cliff richard. They should rename it the lethal theory/joey riot awards.

I know this rant might not mean a lot to anyone but its bugging me no end
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