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  1. Abacus21

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    This, here (ironically a statue inspired by philosophy), is how I'm feeling at the moment.

    A mixture of feeling burnt out for no particular reason, "blahness", and a lack of enthusiasm. For what, I've no idea. These things only come on once in a blue moon, but yet it's come on tonight, even though the moon is white! The afrontery of it!

    Seriously though, I don't enjoy this feeling. I've got a feeling of wanting to be doing something in life. University beckons again in two weeks time, which I'm looking forward to. Whether it's because it means that I can get back to studying something that I enjoy, or because it's bringing me that much closer to a job (whatever that job may be), is up for negotiation in this ol' mind of mine. Ho-hum..
  2. *dilligaf*

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    Here for you anytime ... you know that.

  3. shades

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    Probably not a coincidence that you are feeling this way right before school starts again. Also throw in there the upheaval in the world economy and I think nearly everyone would be questioning their direction in life at this moment.

    But, you're highly intelligent and I'm sure everything will work out. PM me any time.

    Just curious, what is at the forefront of your interests?
  4. Acy

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    I agree with Shades. It's the time of the year and the economy...and it's also how many students feel at this time of year: restless, fidgety, wanting studies to start but not wanting personal time to end...

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    :hug: Hoping you'll feel better when you go back to college :)