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idk if its common but does anyone feel like they have no personality?? like i literally don't have any hobby, my life is not interesting, im very dry and awkward when it comes to talking, i don't have any money so i don't do anything outside the house and my sense of humor is basically my trauma and making fun of my mother ❤️ i can't keep up with convos and basically all i do everyday is listen to music, sometimes clean, sometimes shower and watch tiktoks. my biggest problem is the hobby thing, i just can't find something that i want to do everyday and be better at it, i tried almost everything and after a week or sometimes after 1h i got so bored i started screaming and destroying everything i did. some hobbies require lots of money, which i dont have so its even harder to find something for me. idk what to do at this point, just thinking about being so useless makes my head hurt. is it bad that i get bored so easily? maybe someone can give me some advice about this, beacuse i really want to be more productive and just do something so i don't start overthinking or generally thinking about bad stuff


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I think a lot of people feel that way about themselves, that they are boring or whatever. Because what you see people talk about publicly is the stuff they want to be known for. If someone spends most of their time doing nothing but screwing around on the computer, and one tiny portion of their time doing something 'interesting', it's the interesting thing they'll talk about, and so it seems from the outside that they have more going on then you. But I think there are plenty of people who don't have any real hobbies to speak of. There's nothing to say that you have to have a hobby.

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