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    is this for venting whenever we want? because sometimesi just like to update ppl on my life and i dont neccessarily need replies. i dont want to annoy poeople like that. in my experience the more i post the less people reply -_- awkward

    okie so bad morning. the mother got angry at me and my dad had trouble coping. it makes me sad when isee that bcecause i cant help him. mainly because i dont know hwo to and also im sared of him so icant really help him anyways.

    i feel like im traped in between and thres not much i can do about it except witness his ups and downs. my mother and i dont have an understanding. tbh its been going on so long i feel like theres nothing that can be done about it. we just dont communicate the same way, and we misunderstand each other. trying to clarify usually results in an argument. the amount of times shes left me halfway when iwas talking is almost to the 100's - apparantely its becauses she thinks im finished talking. justdoesnt make sense

    went online and i got bored. i will draw a portrait of my crush now. even though i think he's no longer intersted (it was a year ago). and even though i thnk he has a new girlfriend. ah well. but i figured if im thinking about him so much i might as well put it on paper. maybe itll even cheer me up a bit

    i posted a pic of me with make up on on this mental health group on facebook last night. people started critiqing it and one person linked my confidence to the shape of my eyebrows. how ludicrous. my confience issues do not stem from my eyebrows. so ridicculous. ive since taken the post down because some ppl just took to comforting me and saying i looked fine, whearas in reality i was just showing off my new look. i wanted to show someobdy. i dont have many people to show things to and i get bored

    what else will i do today. i need to call tomorrow to get this human library volunteering thing sorted. i actually don't have many ideas, i might tell the volunteer manager that ill just volunteer as a librarian if i dont have enoug hcontent to participae as a 'book' i dont know. i got anxious calling today so ill do it tomorrow

    i want to call samaritans alot of the time becuase i think i get upset and overwhelmed. but i dont call. i dont know why. ive called before. maybe im embarassed. i dont know

    so portrait of said crush. maybes omse spanish studying. and ill figure the rest out. i was busy the last two days os that was nice. somehow i think its made myrelationship with my mother even worse. seems we cant do anything withou me getting angry etc. and her way of dealing wit things is to not talk about them and to go to her room and shut her door and stay their for ages. and she doesnt want to talk to me when im sad and she doesnt ask me how i am. she just doesnt talk to me and ive stopped trying to tell her how i feel because it never works and why would i do something that doesnt work. it makes me so upset

    so hot here today im sweating in my room. ha. ok music and drawing time. the portarait wil probably look atrocious lol

    ok bye
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