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Holding on for others not myself

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Day after day holding on for my parents and my brother. Thats it i have no friends or anyone else outside this house's wall's that gives a damn about me. Rejected by every girl rejected by society my life story is just a failure im a failure. for the last 4 years i just been living one day at a time so my parents and brother dont have to see me go this way, but when your not living for your self its to hard all i do is think of it and put a smile on my face when i see them. i cant do it anymore
Hi Silent
I also am living for my family, I know it would destroy them if I killed myself. Somedays I hate them for making me promise not to hurt myself, but when it has come down to it, I haven't been able to bring myself to break that promise.
I am thinking of you, and hoping you'll be ok.
Jessie :hug:


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I feel the same as both of you. I want to fight on for my mother and great friends. Suffering for sixteen years has taken it's toll though.

I wish both of you the best of luck and hope you can hang on.
Isn't that why we're here in this forum?. For Hope! and someone who cares.
We can get through this with each others help.
We will get through it.


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Sometimes having someone outside of us to keep us going is a good thing. While you hold on why not try to improve yourself. Maybe you can find a way to want to live.


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Hi Silent, i like many can understand how you feel. the questions i ask myself are i) do i want my mum to feel guilty ii) would i want a family member to do what i want to do iii) how would i feel if a person i cared about did what i want to do so how can i put them through the same. i understand your emotions, i am not here for me, but for others. its hard but do you want to meet your maker full of guilt. i have learned a lot here..take time out if you need to, but dont expect anyone to tell you its ok not to hang on. take a breather..which is what i got from this site...take a breather...sorry if i am rambling but trying to deal with own demons. just hold on.
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