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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Linny, Dec 10, 2014.

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    I thought it might be good if I ended my day with a bit of pride. It'll be my first year that I'm able to pay for everyone's gifts by myself. It may seem materialistic - ok it is materialistic - but buying others items makes me feel good because, to me, it shows that I pay attention to what they enjoy and I can cleverly think of things they'll appreciate with items. So I guess I just wanted to talk about what I got everyone because I feel really clever. And because "Code Names Are Cool!" is my motto, I have decided to make my friends THORIN AND COMPANY :D I have gifts for my family and only 5 out of thirteen for my friends.

    SO! Because Lin goes into excruciating detail, it's story time! For everyone who wants to skip over this (I don't mind *laughs*), write about your gifts if you wish!

    Thorin (he earned his name because he's just kind of dismissive in my mind and I find him important to me) is getting Tetris Themed Sticky Notes. I have never met anyone so proud of being devilishly good at Tetris as him and it's kind of become an inside joke. It was something small and juvenile and we haven't been friends for that long so I think something small is appropriate.

    Balin (he acquired this name because the sweet but sharp little old dwarf reminds me of my musician to a T. He's adorable in an old man sense even though we're the same age) is getting a big book of Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History. It's one big ass book of Star Trek what nots and he really likes Star Trek so I sincerely hope he freaks out like I imagined it when I found it.

    Dwalin (the only reason he's named this is because he can get grumpy and he's close with Dwalin and good friends with Thorin -the people not the characters XD-)is probably the one I spent the most money on. He is getting the Pop! Racers version of The Time Machine from Back To The Future complete with Marty McFly! I KNOW he's going to freak out because he loves BTTF and I've gotten him a Pop! SlimeMan from GhostBusters before and while he was there for that, he acted like it was the best thing in the world. This is probably the item I'm most proud of because it fits my friend perfectly and I know he'll love it.

    Ori! (She gets this name because she's silly and she's connected with Dori & Nori (who don't have gifts yet :( ) and she acts like the youngest out of all of us (even though she's more mature probably, we all just treat her like the little sister even though she's Dwalin's girlfriend) ANYWAYS she's getting knee high Dr. Who Tardis socks because she loves DR. Who and I know she'll appreciate the silliness of it ^_^

    and Fili! (Fili is one of my favorite characters and I see her as the irresponsible yet good intention twin over here with her boyfriend as Kili) Fili gets this little Sebastian from Black Butler anime that she was freaking out over at Books A Million. I'm pretty sure she's going to be ecstatic about it.

    SO Dori's going to be difficult to buy for because he's stingy and crabby. And Nori won't be difficult but it's just thinking of something I can buy for him - he already gave me my present The Devil In The White City <3. And they're named the way they are because they're practically family, same with Ori. Bofur (named because he's so ridiculously silly and cute like the character) enjoys Captain America so that's where I'm going to go with that. Bifur (named so because I feel like he would get along very well with Bifur in a family way) is probably going to get something truck related because he's such a friggen hill billy <3. Bonbur (My coworker and I name him this in all affection <3 he'd also get along with Bifur & Bofur) is....I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to get him besides something LOTR related. GLoin & Oin have no relation, they just were left with the last names I had. One is a good friend of mine and will probably get something from my store because she loves everything there and she's practically family. The other is a co-worker and getting Fox Socks XD Kili! I'm not sure what to get him yet but it's most likely going to be something Kingdom Hearts related, the stinker <3 Gandalf (named because she's always the leader in all affection and has the head on her shoulders out of all of us) is so sweet and I have to think hard on something to get her. I'll probably ask her or get her something organic. And last but not least.....Bilbo. Named because he's the most important out of all of them, the main character, and the center of attention to me. Hey, he's my best friend, I gotta give him center. I'm not sure what I'm getting him yet. I'm not sure if I want to give him something meaningful or something silly. I asked him earlier today and he said ... well initially he said root canal, the dork, but then he said he didn't know. I...think I'll make him an origami dragon...... insider.

    AND! I got Dad a Miami Dolphin's Polo. I got my baby brother two things that make me very very very proud of myself because he's going to love them to pieces. A leather jacket (he's been begging for one) and a drawing kit, it has a book, a DVD, and an anatomical positioning doll, something I myself have always wanted but he's been gushing about how he wants to draw like me because he thinks I'm the best so he needs it more than I do for inspiration. Our story is a long one of turmoil and heartbreak and it brings me to tears to hear him say now that I'm his inspiration. AND AND AND!!!!!!!! Eep my favorite out of them all is the book I got for my mom! It's called "As You Wish" And is about the Princess Bride, our favorite movie.

    SO I'm very sorry that that was so long but it definitely raised my spirits to write it all down and I'd like everyone to write down their presents if they're proud of them because I feel like getting things for others when you want to of course makes things nice. I always try to get things for my friends, not just the holidays, I cover certain expenses, pull out my wallet on lunch, insist on gas money, just because I know how it is to be without and while some of my friends are well off, I feel like giving an offer shows that I'll put them before myself in any occasion and that's what I'd like for them to see me as. I went on a ramble again there so ANYWAYS tell us about your gifts and what you're planning, if you're planning anything. If not, oh well. I'll send you a post card. (get it, cause I live in Florida and that's a thing because we don't get winter ha! knee slapper)

    P.S I know my many exclamations that certain characters are "cute" probably have a lot of people reeling if they enjoy the Hobbit, but I'm one of those people that says "aw look a puppy!" when a demon is summoned or "aw what a cute-y" about thugs in movies. I'm just a dork like that on purpose. It's a thing.
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    enjoyed that! Happy holidays!
  3. Mr Stewart

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    My family is quite large and we live all across north america, so what we have been doing in recent years is random name gift exchange. Everyone buys one gift for the person whose name they drew. I got my nephew's name this year. I thought for a bit about what to get but, since he's a teenage boy who is still just a bit too young to have a job, i settled on sending money. ;)
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