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  1. savetoniqht

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    I've been having a really hard time the past few days.. especially today.. and i just don't know where to turn. Holidays are so difficult.

    My family is a complete mess... we would never do a Thanksgiving dinner, which I don't know whether to be depressed about or grateful for because holidays are the absolute worst time for eating disorders. ugh. i've been doing a little bit better lately, but it is so difficult listening to everyone talk about thanksgiving dinner, and how much we're going to eat, and all the food. But there's still a part of me that wishes my family weren't so dysfunctional. I also had multiple invitations from friends, but I couldn't put myself in that position with all the food. So I spent my day in my bed... woke up and haven't gotten out all day.

    I never really post in this forum... I know there's not really much to say to this. It's almost over now and I'm not specifically asking for advice.. I'm just so mentally exhausted. I feel terrible and it just won't stop. :|
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    Holidays are so difficult for so many many stresses, feelings of loss, etc. But know, as you said, it is almost over...glad you made it through and that you posted...big hugs
  3. savetoniqht

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    It's very true. They can be great, but they can also be so hard for so many people. Thank you for responding, I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. :hug:
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    I dont care for holidays. My fam does. Christmas is going to suck. People are going to brag about the presents theyve bought for the little ones and insult me about it because i cant afford to buy a present for my little nephew. So much negativity during the holidays i need to to skip them all. I have my own conscience to protect.