Holly Aches

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    She comes home
    But feels out of place
    When you smile Holly Aches
    Nothing feels right for her any more
    She can't even walk to her front door.

    Well Holly Aches
    As you try
    And she cries
    Cause her heart breaks
    And Holly dies
    Every time that you leave her
    And Holly Aches
    Cause she made the
    The biggest mistake
    And now it's too late
    To fix it.

    Well she's sorry and wants to say
    She'll wait for you every day
    Even though she can never forgive you
    Without you she don't know what to do
    Holly Aches because you're half her life
    And the other half ain't worth living without you
    By her side.

    Well you won't be the 1st and you won't be the last
    But without you time moves too fast
    All alone in a deep dark world
    The Angel Holly fell.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.