Holy Hell

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    I want to scream I want to shout, I no longer can I get it out.
    I'd like to live but would rather die for only animals now I cry.
    My anger towards others has turned inward for reasons unknown.
    The top on this pot is bout to be blown.
    For wrongs to be righted seeds need to be sewn.
    What was done was done and cant be undid.
    Not a place on this planet that it can be hid.
    For once its found its mine again.
    And that shall mark when it begins.
    Home sweet home shall I cry out in bliss.
    That sweet fucking home that I dearly missed.
    Over at last no more haunting past.
    Its gonna be one hell of a blast.
    Been gone so long not sure I'll belong.
    But time and time again me and myself cant be wrong.
    I should ask I but I'm sure I'd lie.
    Cause that 1/3 part would prefer to live with this tiny black heart.
    But the 2/3 have won so soon I'll die.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.