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holy horrible nightmare that my school got shot up.

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seriously i was afraird to go to school the next day =[ i woke up screaming.
heres the dream:

i was walking to lunch with my friend mae and this weird guy was walking down the hall, he gave me and her this weird look so we ran downstairs and saw a teacher. well my friend disapeerd and i told the teacher and he said "okay i`ll call security" and the guy was walking down the steps as he said it. i ran to the cafetria and told everyone that i sit with that we needed to hide and they laughed so i ran and the guy came in and started shooting. i watched 3 of my friends get shot. i ran and hid under a garabage can (yeah weird) everyone in the cafeteria was screaming and the guy approached the garabge can. he pulled it off of me and put the gun in my face and then i woke up. jeeez. it scared the frekin shoes off of me :nerves:


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i once had a dream of being chased by gunmen...

..but for some reason, when they shot my head as i struggled once they caught me, they just felt like what i thought bb's would going in.

..i've forgotten how it ended..but...that's as close as i can get to relate...

- Henry
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