Home sweet home

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    That's what people tend to say when they return home. But not me, I FUCKING HATE IT!!! Every single day after hours spent in a job I hate, in a job that gives me neither joy nor money, but causes tremendous anxiety because of it's nature, I get to my car, and think of how to delay my return. Instead of being happy with returning home, as normal people do, I do everything not to. And, since I can't think of anything that would cost me no money, which I do not have to spare, I just return home and suffer... Till I get to sleep, the only few hours of silence and “joy”.

    I am tired with it and getting slowly insane... FUCK IT ALL
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    I know that feeling and I hope you find a way out of feeling this way. You can maybe find yourself a happy place where only you go and get to calm your thoughts. It's really helpful.
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    Hating your job and hating home is a real issue. While hating work is regrettable but sometimes unavoidable, home is a place for recreation and to recharge those batteries with fun and interaction.

    If interacting with family members is difficult, try leaving the house for a few hours and speak to new individuals in the wondrous fresh air. Your home may be your sleeping sanctuary, but if friends are outside that house, then that is your real home.
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    The problem is, it is not even a sleep sanctuary. I actually wake up more tired than I was when I went to bed. And I have no idea how to change it atm. My mind is in such a condition I have problem memorizing simplest stuff, so learning/studying is out of question now :/ I also lack any practical skills, there is nothing I can really do, I am good at (would have to explain a bit the history of my life to show why, so you just have to believe me in this). And thanks to my severe allergies, I can't even take simple jobs, requiring no skills, or minimum skills. I feel like in a dead end, and death is the only solution...