Homicide & Suicide

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  1. Bostonensis

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    I have been for a long time was homicidal.
    I fought the legal system for my son's custody,
    which is I believed that this is why I am what I am today.
    I am a byproduct of injustice.
    I know many people doesn't recognize
    how the entire system/society
    contributed to our situation.
    I don't blame people such
    have substance abuse.
    It is not becoz they are
    addicts or alcoholics becoz
    they weak or they enjoy being so.
    It is the system that put us in these situations.
    The daily disorder & inequities
    is enough to drive us to escape reality.

    With alcoholism & the rest of abuse,
    can be traced towards the bottom
    that who took us there on the first place.
    We are not born & aspire for being
    alcolics or drug addicts or suicidal or homicidal.
    And somehow along the way Some cannot
    control or have no tools to
    survive the pressure of the society.
    We retreat to where we are comforted or
    take revenge by shooting innocent people.
    This is not suppose to be but people
    are not all equipped to deal wwith
    these conflicts & thus why
    we see people shooting people for revenge.

    I can see in many countries,
    they are very poor but they are happy.
    Here we all have the food but too numb
    to be hungry & too sick to be thirsty.

    We are all emotionally deprived of a very basic need:
    Love & harmony .

  2. Might I make a suggestion? Take it for what it's worth (or do not take it at all - whatever you wish)...

    Your posts are hard to read in that lengthy (almost poem-like) fashion. I don't know if it's the computer you're on, or if you're 'copying & pasting' from a narrow format you've typed on. It would be far easier to read in paragraphs...

    Well, that's only mho - do as you wish...
  3. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    The reason I do it that way is
    becoz I find it easier to read &
    write without moving my eyeballs left & right.
    This format is not grammatically correct
    but who cares.
    This format is similar
    how I read the newspaper.
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