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  1. Kemra

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    Had an appointment with one of my new psychiatrists today and he asked me questions about my past, mainly relationships I've been in. I told him about my attraction to violent and abusive women, how I seem to be attracted to women with worse problems than myself. He was very understanding and I started to feel a little trust with him so I told him something that I don't easily admit to many people (my family is very anti-gay/homophobic), that the most loving relationship I'd been in was with another man 6 years ago while I was working in Melbourne and that I regretted the affair had to end when I returned to Tasmania.

    The doctor gave me the strangest look and said 'No, no, no, I don't want to hear about this, how could you, thats just wrong. We'll wrap it up there and call it a day.'

    I spent the rest of the day since then slipping further and further into depression and was looking forward to seeing my dad who normally cheers me up. But instead we got onto the topic of my last suicide attempt and he told me all he went through seeing me in that coma.. add guilt to my anger and depression, some days I just wish I hadn't survived.
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    it's good that you're helping yourself kemra and it's your psyche that has the problem not you....I hope you'll request a new psyche.
    He can't help you ( or anyone for that matter) with an attitude like that..

    I know it's hard to hear your Dad talk about how he felt with your attempt but please hear him and don't try again ...i've lost a child to suicide and it's the worst, indescribable living hell....
    keep trying ok and don't let that psyche put you off..
  3. Kemra

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    I'll keep trying.. I promised my dad I would, everytime I think about suicide now I see his face in my mind, how he looked while I was still in the ICU, the pain in his eyes, and now add to that what he told me today about what he went through.

    As for my new shrink I can't request another one, he's one of 2 doctors who comes to the hospital psychiatric housing where I'll be staying for the next 3 months or so and talking to him is mandatory, part of my treatment :( I miss my old psychiatrist, felt I could trust him and knew he was doing everything he could to help me.. this new one I'm already dreading seeing him again tomorrow. How can I trust a man who is obviously disgusted by me? Leaning more towards anger right now, he's paid to be detached and proffessional, not close-minded and prejudiced.
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    I would suggest getting a new docotor. I believe that sort of attitude is not something you should be around when dealing with someone of healing. It's his job to try to understand you and to help you through everything and anything emotional. By turning a blind eye he is failing in this regard. If anything, he will be a negative point in your emotional recovery by simply isolating or focusing in on your sexual focus.
    I didnt realize psychiatrists could wall up to their patients like that. I mean, legally. It's the fundamental point of their job, to let the patient express themselves in a safe and open environment.

    I donno, sounds like a very close minded person in that regard. Perhaps very good in all other avenues, but on this particular issue, your psychiatrist is very defined and is bringing their own views and placeing them onto you.

    I just worry if you go back, do you think you could be as open as you were before his responce? Like, if the topic in any connection big or small started to arise in a conversation with him, how do you feel you would persue the conversation? If you feel you'd had to alter your expression for the benifit of your psychiatrist, that psychiatrist isn't for you.
  5. KittyGirl

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    Wow... what a dick.
    You definitely need a new doctor-- he does not deserve any money from 'helping' you if he's going to be unprofessional like that.
  6. Krem

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    My advice is to get a new one, and register a complaint somewhere. Even if you were describing in excessive detail how your murdered and raped a child, his job is to make you "better", not judge you to your face. 'specially when it's not something you can actually judge someone on.

    I wonder how someone gets a degree in HELPING PEOPLE with that level of homophobia. <_<

    Just go to/call him, tell him you're not gonna see him anymore because of that, and register a complaint somewhere. Unless he has a private firm, where your only real option would be tabloids or other such.. magazines.

    Why'd you stop seeing your old one anyway?
  7. Sadeyes

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    His behavior was unprofessional at best and seemed to border on unethical...who is he to judge you??? Moron!!! It is so difficult when we think someone can help us and they are so damaged themselves...move on..find someone else and know that his remarks do not reflect you...he is clearly damaged and has no boundaries...if there is a medical board or such, you can discuss your experience with them (although they cannot do much since he will deny that it happened the way you report it) but you will be affirmed that his behavior was inappropriate...so sorry you found someone who needs care himself...big hugs, J
  8. _Lily_

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    like everyone before me i would report him for being homophobic
    what an asshole
  9. hollowvoice

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    im sorry you went through this kemra
    its thing like this idiot that stop people seeking help,but you did nothing wrong the doctor is obviously an idiot from 1810 not 2010
    but please get better first then tell him what you think of him
  10. John Doe

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    That's disgusting, not to mention completely unprofessional. Definitely find another doctor! I had a doctor that tried to "bring my inner child into the light" once, and I got out of there quick.