Honest Deceit

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  1. Youlleatamuffinandlikeit

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    Honest Deceit

    I made a deal with a plastic demon today
    He said that this is the only true way
    A deceitful penny for the troubles you stave
    Hatred and loneliness,
    Are the true price I pay

    From behind the tired and the black
    I see the party
    It’s everything I lack
    And in spite of their ‘this’ or their ‘that’
    Everyone has that special someone in the sack

    It’s different for me
    Because you see
    I come from a place called dysmorphic creed
    Changes me
    From insufferable weed
    Careful now, not to sneeze
    Come one and all: count the ways I bleed

    Why haven’t you run in the great rat race?
    I’ll tell you now,
    Hell’s a lonely place,
    When you’re engulfed and surrounded
    By a totally alien face

    So I see you abandoned all your faith?
    It was never me
    Yet still I am self-deprecated wraith
    I screamed and mimed
    But my sounds were never safe

    So maybe I’m sad a lot
    It stems and tears
    From years of accumulated rot
    I don’t know how to sum it all up
    I guess you could say,
    I’ve fallen from the top

    ~ Muffin
  2. Domo

    Domo Well-Known Member

    Fantastic as usual :hug:
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