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I just got chewed out, but its nothing I haven't heard before. In summary, "Listen up peon! I will ensure that no one, be it a college, person, or job, will ever want you. When you work at a convenience store in the future you will think that you are the big shit. And until I throw you to the cruel, merciless world, I will torment you because I lost the ability to take joy in normal activities when I sold my soul to the devil. Now, bite her Hazel!" Honestly, some of the stuff she says is so over used. Do you think any one would want you? Colleges don't want losers with a large number of detentions. Disregarding the fact that she is the sole reason for these issues. She bitched me out trying to get me to stress out, it's just like, it's been seven years please stop repeating the same stuff repeatedly. And, stop being petty to try to get me to lose by temper, it makes you look like a pouty child who wants their way. It is not a flattering look on you, let me tell you that.
...Colleges don't want losers with a large number of detentions...
Not an expert on this, but I doubt the colleges will look at incidents of teacher-imposed discipline, which don’t show on a high school transcript anyway. They look at GPA and test scores, mostly, with the more selective colleges looking at extracurricular “leadership” indicators like debate clubs & so on. But with decent SAT scores getting into college won’t be a problem; hyper-elite places like Harvard only take about 5% of the applicants anyway, so nobody hardly gets in except if they decide to apply as if buying a lottery ticket and luck out—or they have wads of money to donate.

...not going to stop it...Abusers rarely do...
Boy, ain’t that the truth. With a variety of categories of physical, mental, or sexual abuse. They don’t stop, really, until outside intervention puts them to bed for good, in the verbal case because people en masse begin refusing to associate with the abuser anymore; they’re sick and tired of being dumped on.
You know, I was thinking that those words sounded a lot like sour grapes. Maybe you're not the one who's going to be unhappy with where they end up and what they end up doing. Maybe the person chewing you out should listen to their own advice.

When you're young, even if you've made a few mistakes, you still have all kinds of options to decide where you are going to go next. If anyone could predict the future that accurately, maybe they should play the lottery lol.

I will ensure that no one, be it a college, person, or job, will ever want you.
Whoever talks this way is dumb. I mean, regardless of who you have in front of you, telling them that they are worthless and that you will make an effort to screw you over is both petty and had way too much time on their hands. Maybe if they spent some of that time trying to actually help people then there would be fewer people ending up not reaching their potential. Either way, make up your own mind and ignore this bitter child.
@magdalene your post Saturday that you already know this is so much BS. But even when you know it, it hurts deep. I've gone through years of it from my future ex. It's what drove me here ultimately. I'm sorry you and your sweet sister have to deal with it. At least you have each other! Thank God!

Have you to thought about going to your school counselor and talking about it? Just a thought. Helps to talk about these things. And you always have us here. We are always here for you.

Hugs to you
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