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    Everyone in my life like, doesn't appreciate anything I do.
    I can't get a job because I have to...
    -wake up on time to get ready and bring my brother to school
    -drive to class
    -come right home and get my brother from school
    -watch him til 630
    No one will hire any hours.
    I can't be out late, I have to get sleep for class.
    I'm 19, my parents give me a curfew, but expect me to be 100% 'adult' about things.
    I asked my mom to make me a doctors apt, her response was, "You're old enough to make your own."
    I said, "But i'm not old enough or responsible enough to not have a curfew? It's not like i'd be staying out all hours of the night anyways."
    I'm honestly not looking for sympathy, I just want to know if i'm just crazy or not.
    I am aware of:
    -my parents playing favorites.
    -my parents using me as an excuse for whatever they can.
    (things they fail to do, problems between them,etc)
    -my parents being afraid to let me go?
    -my parents acting normal in front of my family, but different when it's just me.

    I tried to talk, TALK to my mom about redoing my room.
    They've redone the living room, den, their room, etc. TWICE.
    While my room, was never once redone.
    They had to get a new bed because my 8 year old brother, who refuses to sleep by himself, pissed the bed.
    So, they bought the new bed, box spring, and what i'm guessing to be pretty expensive head/footboards.
    I have to pay for my own schooling, books, car, clothes, etc.
    But yet, I have a curfew, and i'm treated worse than a maid.
    So yeah, after trying to TALK to her, she decided to be a douchebag and complain about how I never do anything.
    I said, "That's right, I don't do anything anymore. Cuz when i did, it was never enough anyway."
    I'm not going to exceed my efforts/responsibilty for criticism.
    I've done it ever since my brother's been around.
    Him and I used to get along really well. I stopped paying attention to him after a while of him complaining about me; Telling me to leave him alone, to not go to family birthdays/celebrations, breaking my things, and disobeying me when i had to watch him.
    There is no one in my family that would honestly admit to all of this, they would slap an excuse on it like, "You're parents just care about you is all."
    No, I believe they care about me to some extent, but not normally.
    My mother told me to leave after TALKING to her. I said, "One day you're going to say that, and I'm not going to come back."
    "Good", she says.
    I already have enough stress dealing with problems with my xbf, my parents don't need to add to it.
    Anyways, after TALKING to my mom, i told her she has 2 weeks to find someone else to watch him. I told her to be happy that i wasn't childish like her, giving her two weeks rather than no time at all.
    During that time, I'll be looking for a decent job.
    I have about a thousand in my bank, atm. Which should hold me off for a bit.

    :sad:I wish my parents were normal.

    I guess what i'm asking is if i'm making the right decision?

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    I understand everything you are saying about parents, because mine are exactly the same.

    I ,too, am 19, and they still make me come home at a certain time or even be asleep by a certain time, and they even make me wake up at the same time every morning, and yet they expect me to act maturely and make adult decisions. How can I do that when they treat me like a child? Well, the truth is I can't. It does annoy me. And it annoys me when people say they do it because they care about me. That's complete and utter bullshit. If they cared about me, they'd respect me and my life and let me live it how I want. I want them to leave me alone and get on with my life by doing stuff on my own and make my own decisions. However, I guess I should be thankful that they are there for me, but I'm not. I'm really not.

    I just want them to let me be like any other 19-year old.
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    :sad: at least you understand what i'm talking about.
    i just want to have a sense of freedom.

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    Maybe you could sit them down and explain to them that if you're to lead a rich and successful life then you need a sense of independence, and that you won't get that if they're always there holding you back.
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    I agree with you.
    I've tried on numerous occasions.
    I figure, I'll get a decent job, save up money, finish school, etc. and just not focus on them if they continue to refuse to acknowledge me as an adult.