Honesty the best policy?

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So today my bank accidently refunded me a thousand pounds and they knew nothing about it, so i told them about it (me being the ultra honest person that i am) and they took it back, yet i feel like i made a mistake this money would of benefitted my kids immensely yet i told them about it. Now i was always under the impression that if you do something good/honest then you would feel good about it yet i feel so fucking miserable, so my question is did i do the right thing and what would you do in the same situation?

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You did the right thing hun the bank would of eventually notice the mistake and if you had spent all that extra money and they wanted it bank then you would be in some predicament honesty always best policy just my thoughts hugs

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You did the right thing. I would have done it, too. I would have thought about keeping it because I could use it, as well. However, if I had kept it, I think I would have felt more guilty than if I had. That and I'd spend every day worrying they'd find out. In this case, yes, honesty is the best policy. It's a good thing you did the right thing, there are many people out there who wouldn't have. :hug:
I have to agree with the above posters, you did the right thing here. I'm sure you could use the money, but you just set a very good example for your kids and that's something you can feel good about.
And if the bank later noticed their mistake (which they would have) they could have charged you not only for what you spent, but also interest.
Hold your head high, you are a good, honest person and your children will follow suit.


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The only time honesty is the best policy is when the act of honest outweighs the risks of dishonesty. Meaning, if there is a high probability negative consequences will occur because of dishonesty, then honesty is the best policy, and vice versa.

This has nothing to do with morals, but merely weighing the risk and reward.

In your case, is 1000 pounds worth the risk of getting caught by the bank and facing legal ramifications? Probably not.
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